The title of Chris Standring's new album As We Think is derived from a book written by James Allen in 1902 called As A Man Thinketh. Chris sees the album as an expression of his positive thinking, whereby the fact that Chris is releasing a new album is in itself a reason for optimism.

One could now pontificate about the miserable state of the music industry, especially in the field of instrumental jazz. But let's instead take up the positive attitude of the guitarist, who originally hails from the UK.

Well-known musicians such as Andre Berry (bass), Chris Coleman (drums), Rodney Lee (Rhodes), Lenny Castro (percussion), Dino Soldo (tenor sax, harmonica), Terry Disley (piano), Larry Steen (upright bass), Aaron Janik (trumpet), Brandon Fields (alto sax), Katisse Buckingham (tenor sax) and Ido Meshulam (trombone) contributed to the album.

The album starts with Chocolate Shake and, like the deliciously sweet drink, Chris refreshes us with new guitar sounds. Whereby a pinch of Talkbox should spice up the song a little.

Good Gracious continues in a relaxed and fluffy manner, with keyboard chords and guitar riffs rapidly circling the melody. The horn section and strings provide the necessary rounding off. Rodney Lee sets his own accents with his Rhodes, which bring in something British. Come Closer cannot be denied a certain recognition value. Fans of EWF will be delighted with the horn quotes.

Top Hat and Tails is a phrase commonly used to describe a formal dress code for men. It refers to the combination of a top hat and a tailcoat, typically worn for very formal events such as weddings. Now you should know that Chris married a beautiful woman last year and this song radiates the happiness they both experience in their togetherness.

Alphabet Soup refers to a type of soup that contains small pasta letters or shapes that resemble letters of the alphabet. Alphabet Soup is often used as a metaphor to describe a situation or environment that is complex and filled with a wide variety of elements or influences. Special guest on this tune is Dino Soldo presenting a brilliant bit of tenor sax.

Bedtime Story is a gentle melody that invites you to dream like a tale told by a mother to her child. We don't know who Michael is or what kind of watch he wears. What we do know is that Michael's Watch is a lively uplifting tune.

Reggae is a genre of music which often carries messages of peace, unity, and resistance against oppression. It has a laid-back and uplifting vibe that reflects the relaxed lifestyle and positive outlook of the Jamaican people. Now you understand why Chris has transfered this music style into the groovy This Life.

Monday Madness is a condition we are confronted with every Monday. With his music, Chris has developed his own strategy to make the best out of the beginning of the week. Let me add funky, funky.

The British use the phrase Swings and Rundabouts to describe a situation in which everything evens out in the end. Recognizing this result gives rise to the typical serenity with which everyday things are approached.

The last track Too Good To Be True also reflects this inner calm. Even though Chris views his current life situation with a healthy degree of skepticism, he is enjoying this moment to the full. Dino Soldo makes his second contribution on the harmonica creating an eclectic sound.

Behind the phrase As We Think is the idea of sharing one's thinking with others through publication and thereby contributing to progress in the world.This idea can also be applied to Standring's music, which, with its positive basic structure, hopefully contributes to the right development. But if not, it also has its raison d'Ítre, best entertainment. 





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Album Information

Title: As We Think
Artist: Chris Standring
Year: 2024
Length: 0:48:50
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Label: Ultimate Vibe Recordings


1) "Chocolate Shake" (3:58)
2) "Good Gracious" (5:11)
3) "Come Closer" (4:11)
4) "Top Hat and Tails" (3:44)
5) "Alphabet Soup" (4:25)
6) "Bedtime Story" (4:26)
7) "Michael's Watch" (4:52)
8) "This Life" (4:07)
9) "Monday Madness" (4:35)
10) "Swings and Roundabouts" (4:28)
11) "Too Good to Be True" (3:39)

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