Originally from Britain Chris Standring moved to L.A. in 1991. Despite some adversities and imponderables Standring's creative power is still unbroken. Due to his numerous contacts with his fans, whether in concerts or through social media, he has a good connection to them and knows what they want.

The Lovers Remix Collection (2023) is a compilation of remixes that listens to the voice of the fans not only in the selection of the music tracks but also in the implementation of the remixes.

This album is designed for the special occasion but sees itself as an offer for relaxed chilling out, which the tempo of the recordings also takes into account.

The album opens with Sensual Overload, the alternative to the original on Blue Bolero (2010). Standring's compositional skills are revealed in a finely chiseled arrangement.

Liquid Soul is a track from the album Love And Paragraphs (2008), a dreamy melody created by Chris on guitar, keyboards, synth bass and smooth strings. It also appears on Best of Chris Standring Remixed (2019).

Kaleidoscope seems to be one of Chris' favorite. It was already released on the aforementioned album in two versions. Now he presents the third remix version.

Albatross is the only cover on this collection. The slightly older audience will remember the original of the group Fleetwood Mac. Undoubtedly, the reinterpretation fits perfectly into the overall concept of the new album.

Moon Child originally appears on Chris' album Sunlight (2018). The difference in both versions is mainly found in the rhythm part. Contemplation is re-arranged and taken from Blue Bolero. The laugh of children, sweetness in the air, harmony. 

Yesterday's Heaven originated from don't talk, Dance (2014). Some changes in rhythm and freed from ballast, a different way of thinking and playing manifests itself. A bit simpler but more to the point.

Another Train brings the guitar melody back to its core element and elevates it to concentrated lightness. The guitar phrasing from the album Real Life (2020) has remained unchanged.

The original of Heart of the Matter comes from the album Electric Wonderland (2012). Here, too, the basic melody is preserved, and the changes in the frame are rather subtle.

Gentle Persuasion originally to find on the album Groovalicious (2003) picks up a little more speed. C.C. White still whispers along in a sexy way.

The biggest change experiences probably the closing track Reflection originally in the album Love And Paragraphs (2008). The remix version gets a continuous pulsating rhythm, while the orchestral accompaniment attracts less attention, everything comes to the benefit of the basic melody.

In this way, Chris Standing creates a compact album full of sublime moments with intelligent remixes and re-recordings. Also for fans who already have his other albums, an extremely worthwhile enrichment.





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Album Information

Title: The Lovers Remix Collection
Artist: Chris Standring
Year: 2023
Length: 0:51:54
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Label: Ultimate Vibe Recordings

1) "Sensual Overload" (4:05)
2) "Liquid Soul" (6:12)
3) "Kaleidoscope" (4:33)
4) "Albatross" (4:19)
5) "Moon Child" (4:29)
6) "Contemplation" (4:40)
7) "Yesterday's Heaven" (4:15)
8) "Another Train" (4:44)
9) "Heart Of The Matter" (5:21)
10) "Gentle Persuasion" (5:49)
11) "Reflection" (3:23)

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