Stanley B  -  all for love


After Rachel Z and Dirk K we need urgently a B, Stanley B. We don't know anything about this newcomer. I tried to recover his family name at his website, no chance. His bio hides more than it reveals. As Dirk K Stanley B could be a German, because he toured around in Germany as an 18 years old musican. Viewing his photo page one can state that Stanley is a true contemporary jazz fan, already meeting Pat Metheny, Richard Bona, Brian Culbertson and more outstanding artists of this genre.

Like Brian Culbertson Stanley started his solo career in his early youth. He settled where smooth jazz is pulsing, in California. His new U.S. debut project called "all for love" (small letters are modern), is self-produced and released. An adventurous enterprising in these difficult times, when even great artists have problems to find a new contract. Stanley takes the risks and he might win.

A solo album is like a visiting-card. If your music is impressing, it will open the doors. What can you await? "A sleek combination of smooth jazz, pop and at times a little funky."

This Is B is a relaxed midtempo piano piece. Stanley is addicted to the main melody soloing about it. I would like a little more helter-skelter. Stanley has the power.

Do You? featured Ray-Ray's soulful vocals in a romantic love song.  

The same sensitive mood is captured in the title song All For Love. Gently Stanley paints over the keys and draws from the Piano melodic sounds.

Leaving this dreamscapes Stanley speeds up with Don't I Know You? His piano play supports with renewed strenghts the great singer Anita Baker. This Grammy award winnig artist with much success in R&B and jazz music has lost some area in the last years. I hope we will have a soon come back in the near future.

On Mound View Stanley demonstrates that he is not only a gifted piano player but also a blessed multi-instrumentalist.

Got 2 Survive features Kenya Hathaway on vocals. Let me start from the scratch. Donny Hathaway was a marvelous composer and vocalist. Unforgettable is his greatest hit "The Ghetto, Part. I". He died surprisingly by comitting suicide. Donny has two daughters Eulaulah Donyll (better known as Lalah Hathaway) and Kenya Canelibra (that's Kenya Hathaway). Kenya and Lalah are excellent singers. Stanley has expressly written this song for Kenya. This song is just perfect, a hooking melody, the authentic vocals, the outstanding arrangement. Stanley has found a perl and gave her the right valve.

After this incredible song Bring It On sounds like an étude.

On Just Say It Stanley shows more of piano mastership with retained improvisations.

More of the dark mood is to hear on Why Not. Stanley 's cautions piano tones lose themselves in time and space.

I don't know what others will write about this album. Personally I am fascinated by Got 2 Survive, others might prefer his instrumentals. I hope Stanley will write more of this surviving stuff on his next album coming in October 2002.