Threestyle is a contemporary smooth jazz band known for their unique blend of jazz, R&B, funk, and pop influences. Their music is characterized by catchy melodies, soulful grooves, and intricate harmonies. The Munich-based formation has also made a name for itself on the Internet. Even in these times, when musicians are finding it difficult to assert themselves with their music, the group has released their new album No Matter What (2024).

The album is featuring Robert Fertl on guitars & production, twin sisters Magdalena (saxes, keys) and Gabriela Chovancova (drums), Damon Dae (vocals), James L. Manning (bass) and Lew Laing (keys). All songs were written by Magdalena Chovancova, Robert Fertl, Damon Dae and James L. Manning.

The album opens with No Matter What, a song that singer Damon Dae has put his stamp on. Stylistically, the title song can easily be categorized as R&B. Love Of My Life is a theme that has been explored by singers from Freddie Mercury to Céline Dione. Damon Dae finds his own interpretation, which Threestyle also sets in the right instrumental framework.

Damon has written all lyrics of this album and the themes are mostly about love. This is how Damon describes his special love in Special To Me, which is only now making him realize his own emptiness.

The album comprises a total of 12 songs. All the tracks are R&B with the exception of the radio-edited version of the title track, which can be classified as smooth jazz.

Both instrumentally and vocally, the album is of a high standard and confirms Threestyle's strong development. No Matter What's overall concept, however, focuses more on the R&B community.







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Album Information

Title: No Matter What
Artist: Threestyle
Year: 2024
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Label: Welovemusic Records


1) "No Matter What" (4:15)
2) "Love of my Life" (4:03)
3) "Special to me" (4:04)
4) "No Looking Back" (4:22)
5) "Spend a Little Time" (4:06)
6) "Be with you" (4:25)
7) "Donīt Take Your Love Away" (4:00)
8) "Itīs a Jam Tonight" (4:06)
9) "Lift Them Up" (4:07)
10) "Memories of You" (4:50)
11) "Donīt Know What To Do" (4:15)
12) "No Matter What Radio Edit" (4:22)


Reasons To Love

Smooth Ride

Get It

Feel The Vibe

Thank God It's Christmas

Moving Up Quickly

Perfect Combination