Barbados born Elan Trotman, composer, performer, teacher and recording artist, pushes himself to the forefront of smooth jazz. He counts Arturo Tappin, Grover Washington Jr and Kirk Whalum to his roots, but excels with his own unique style. He started his solo career with the album Memories - The Debut (2001) offering a blend of Caribbean and Gospel jazz, followed by the Gospel-tinged Let's Have A Good Old Time (2005), A Reggae Christmas (2007) and This Time Around (2009).

Elan's new project Love and Sax (2011) is his second album in the smooth jazz genre. With the Intro Elan already signals his affinity for sultry melodies. Foremost he shows his great talent to compose compelling and affecting songs with sophisticated arrangements like Last Dance. Perfect on the point Fabiano Silva's guitar ornament.

Elan Trotman is also a great charmer. His love ballade are interpreted by his soprano sax. Listen to When I Fall In Love and you know, why the sax can compete with vocals on this album. When the Rain falls, we are often in a moody atmosphere. Elan seamlessly captures this mellow moment with his tenor sax.

On Love and Sax Elan serves a sexy overdose of sax, a title which we can all relate, especially many saxophonists of the smooth jazz genre. Midnight Serenade presents singer Tony Terry, he does his job perfectly. Elan and Terry were member of Roberta Flack's band.

Turn Down The Lights shows more of Elan's affinity for all kind of sax and especially the overdub procedure. The Latin flavored piece Cancion De Amor features guitarist Jeremiah McConico. His acoustic guitar performance is very emotional and can greatly amplify delight.

Among the wonderful love songs Heaven In Your Eyes has an outstanding position. Brian Simpson's piano solo is just divine. Can I Play 4 U showcases another aspect of Elan's artistry, the flute. Elan has a particular passion for and commitment to diversity. Oasis presents a pleasant oriental influence featuring Cindy Bradley on flugelhorn. The horn and sax duet reminds me of Rick Braun's stellar Notorious.

To reinvent yourself is the great challenge for every artist today's. On Under The Stars Evan Brice adds his special effects to make this tune unforgettable.

With Love And Sax Elan Trotman manages to catch up with the leaders in the smooth jazz genre. The emphasis of smooth jazz on sweet melodies with the possibilty to improvise is for every saxophonist a thankful place. Elan has used his chance.







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Album Information

Title: Love and Sax
Artist: Elan Trotman
Year: 2010
Length: 0:52:37
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Label: E.T. Muzik Productions


01 Intro (Love and Sax) [1:00]
02 Last Dance [4:36]
03 When I Fall In Love [6:17]
04 Rain [4:04]
05 Love and Sax [4:17]
06 Midnight Serenade [3:58]
07 Turn Down The Lights [5:03]
08 Cancion De Amor [5:21]
09 Heaven In Your Eyes [4:06]
10 Can I Play 4 U [3:47]
11 Oasis [5:10]
12 Under The Stars [3:47]
13 Can I Play 4 U (Reprise) [1:12]

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