Contemporary jazz pianist, composer and writer Kayla Waters is commonly known as the daughter of renowned saxophonist Kim Waters. She attracted attention with her debut works Apogee (2017) and Coevolve (2018).

Her third album Presence (2023) is released on the Shanachie Entertainment label. Kayla has composed all songs. Programming and music production are a collaborative effort with her father Kim Waters. Chris "Big Dog" Davis produced the songs Waterkisses and Pianissimos. Stylistically, she sits between the music of Keiko Matsui and Brian Culbertson.

The album opens with the fulminant Abundance. Kayla's piano playing is perfect and flawless. She shows a sure feeling for contemporary popular smooth jazz, the stuff the general public loves.

The signature of producer Chris "Big Dog" Davis can be seen on Waterkisses, whose rhythmic groove brilliantly supports the emotional piano etudes. The rhythm reminds me a little of the song Heaven by the Winans.

Wind is a weather phenomenon that constantly changes its consistency and strength. Acoustic Wind is, in a way, Kayla's musical equivalent, in which she incorporates different sonic ideas.

On the first single Undulation, which is easily recognizable as a dance song, the synth bass plays a decisive role, which is both bass and rhythm and forms an ideal coherence with the piano lines.

If you give your mind free rein and let the song At The Well take effect on you, it associates an Elysian idyll with a bubbling brook full of crystal-clear water. Murky Moon usually stands for a certain bleak gloominess. Kayla serves us the pure opposite musically.

The term Pianissimo means in the musician language that a piece is played softly and very silently. Pianissimos lives from the contrast between Kayla's lyrical piano playing and Big Dog's more hip-hop rhythm.

Salt n' Soak reveals Kayla's penchant for special bath blends. Kim Waters features prominently with his soprano sax. Oceanz of Love unveiled Kayla's abundance of cheerfulness with which she wants to reach not only her immediate surroundings but the whole world.

The closing track is the title track Presence, in which Kayla once again celebrates her music in all its purity and beauty.

Kayla Waters' new album Presence reflects the brilliance of this great pianist, who knows how to inspire with ingratiating melodies.





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Album Information

Title: Presence
Artist: Kayla Waters
Year: 2023
Length: 0:45:56
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Label: Shanachie Entertainment


1) "Abundance" (4:55)
2) "Waterkisses" (4:31)
3) "Acoustic Wind" (5:11)
4) "Undulation" (4:53)
5) "At the Well" (5:18)
6) "Murky Moon" (4:09)
7) "Pianissimos" (4:15)
8) "Salt n' Soak" (3:55)
9) "Oceanz of Love" (4:51)
10) "Presence" (3:55)

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