Ali Ollie Woodson




Right Here All ALong

The Temptations were one of the leading Soul groups in the period from the 60s til to the 80s. Otis Williams, Elbridge Bryant, Melvin Franklin, Eddie Kendricks, Paul Williams and Kelly Osborne were the founding member. After replacing Elbridge Bryant by David Ruffin they had tremendous success with hits like My Girl, Don't Look Back or My Baby. 1968 David Ruffin was replaced by Dennis Edwards. After the leaving of Eddie Kendricks and Paul Williams in 1971, the Tempts engaged the tenors Damon Harris and Richard Street. With this formation they had the smashing hit Papa Was a Rolling Stone. Damon Harris  left the group in 1975, followed by Glenn Leonard. Louis Price replaced  Dennis Edwards, who came soon back, while Louis Price exited. After a short return of Eddie Kendricks and David Ruffin, only Otis Williams remained from the original formation. It was this time 1979, that Ali Ollie Woodson joined the group with hits like Treat Her Like A Lady.

Ali Ollie Woodson was first a member of The Drifters before he joined from 1977-1979  Harold Melvin and The Blue Notes replacing Teddy Pendergrass as lead singer. In 1987 Ali Ollie Woodson left The Temptations to concentrate his efforts on his career as a solist. Ollie comments: "If you do a thing well, whether it's soul, blues or rock, you can reach people of different tastes and please them all. 

Fans of smooth jazz might remember his appearance on Doc Powell's excellent album Life Changes (2001) with songs like Tell Her Love Has Felt the Need (originally recorded by the late Eddie Kendricks) and For the Soul in You or on Paul Jackson's album Never Alone (1996) with Curtis Mayfield 's song People Get Ready.

Well, none of these songs have to do with jazz, but if you like Adult Soul or decent R&B, Ollie's album Right Here All Along is your first choice.
Ollie's voice is from inner thoughtfulness, emanating silence and serenity. Turn Out The Stars creates from his inner strength like an religious gospellike act.

Angel profits  from the same mild care of Ollie's silken voice. Truly a black diamond. Ollie is one of the greatest soul singer of our generation.

Drama In The Bedroom sounds like an Old Motown tune awakening old spirits of the past. Preston Glass masters the typical Temptations sound.

Power Of A Woman is a dynamic tune with Preston's perfect work on guitar and the well-sounding choir NU ERA.

Follow-up is the powerful Whatever It Takes. Ollie's voice is masterly backchoired. Those who love the keyboardsounds of the 80's and 90's will like the synth-bass, the panflute- and cyrstal sound and especially the intelligent arrangement. 

Soulfully and shimmery brightens Ollie's polish voice on the lovesong Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow. A nice soprano sax accompany will please friends of smooth jazz.

Deeper Love showcase Philip French on sax and Tim Carmon on keys. Somehow melancholic with a wheeling modulation bender sound the atmosphere is impressingly captured.

Get Next To You blends a more optimistic mood with an uptempo performance.

Heavy drum-machines mixed with plucked guitar sounds are dominating Love's Not All as a dancefloor tune.

Believe That  grooves on in a midtempo speed.

Followed by the slow and sensitive Never Give Up. 

Love Is Slipping Away and Right Here All A Long certifies Ali Ollie Woodson 's outstanding position as the exceptionel soul singer of our time. 68:15 minutes full of superior music and no failures. A great album!





The musicians:
  • Derrick Lee - Pianos, Synthesizers (1,5,6)
  • Steve Brewster - Drums (1,5,6)
  • Tommy Simms - Bass (1,5,6)
  • Dan Huff - Guitar (1,5,6)
  • Mark Baldwin - Guitars (1,5,6)
  • Ralph Lofton - Organ (1,5,6)
  • Victor  Caldwell - Drum Programming (1,5,6)
  • Eric Darken  - Percussion (1,5,6)
  • Al McKay - Guitar (2)
  • Wyman  Brown - Keyboards/Programming (2,9,12)
  • Keith Rice - Keyboards/Programming (2,9,12)
  • Preston Glass - All instruments (3,4,8,10,11,13,14)
  • NU ERA (James McCrary, Howard McCrary, Don McCrary, Leon McCrary) (4) - Background Vocals
  • Philip French - Soprano Saxophone (7)
  • Tim Carmon - Deeper Love (7)
  • Pieta Mille - Background Vocals (9)



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