Saxophonist, composer, arranger Fulvio Palese studied saxophone at the Conservatory of Lecce and is a PhD in philosophy at the University of Salento. He is currently professor of jazz saxophone at the "T. Schipa" Conservatory of Lecce, teacher of saxophone at the Liceo Musicale "G. Palmieri" of Lecce, and at the DAMUS Academy of Lecce and the comprehensive "I. Calvino "di Alliste and teacher of improvisation and jazz ensemble music at the" Amici della musica "Association of Presicce.

He has released several albums as sideman and in his own name, including: Sonny Tribute (self-production), New Life (Redland Records), Suspicious Sax (Manocalda), On My Hands (with Fabio Mariani group, Videoradio), Giallo (Camden trio), Love And Other Stories (Maurizio Petrelli, Alpha Music), Cinema Vol. 1 (P. Balducci-V. Maurogiovanni, Dodicilune), and The Comics Tune (Ululati).

The album Alétheia was released in 2017 on AlfaMusic. Alétheia (Truth) is in Greek mythology the goddess of truth and daughter of Zeus. The album was recorded in the classic manner at Corrado Productions Studio in Supersano, Italy. The individual musicians involved are listed in the credits.

Opener of the album is Ttattellu an atypical mixture of jazz fusion and calypso-like elements. Piero Vincenti triggers a shower of enthusiasm on the piano, which glides in salsa manner over the keys. On Acqua Fulvio Palese reveals his skills on soprano sax, while Piero sets accents on piano.

Mandelina presents Fulvio's saxes in overdub harmony, while Lucia Ianniello creates her own moments with the flugelhorn. On Cuba Blues trumpet player Alessandro Dell'Anna and trombone player Francesco Leone are two of the numerous matadors who contribute to the success of the piece.

Guarda Che Luna (Watch That Moon) features singer Carolina Bubbico who in the meantime presents her own solo album with The Gift of Ubiquity. Pickwick lives from the contrast between the fast drums and piano and the extended saxophone performance style. After the short intro the group changes to the rhythmic swing.

Terre Del Negroamaro is Fluvio's tribute to the wonderful vineyards of his home region. Negroamaro is a red wine grape variety native to southern Italy. It is grown almost exclusively in Apulia and particularly in Salento. Pierro Vincento excels anew on piano in a an expansive solo.

Vivo (Alive) is a Bossa Nova in a fresh way, which also likes to move a bit into Samba and always keeps its cheerfulness. The album takes a finish with the waltz like Wind on Five which could also function well as a good night song.

Fulvio Palese has creates with Alétheia a jazz album, which is strongly oriented towards the domestic jazz market. This gives it a certain appeal due to its local independence.





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Album Information

Title: Alétheia
Artist: Fulvio Palese
Year: 2017
Genre: Contemporary Jazz
Label: AlfaMusic

1) Ttattellu (4:34)
2) Acqua (4:49)
3) Mandelina (5:19)
4) Cuba Blues (4:56)
5) Guarda Che Luna (4:02)
6) Pickwick (6:32)
7) Terre Del Negroamaro (5:01)
8) Vivo (4:25)
9) Wind on Five (2:38)


Fulvio Palese special quartet

Fulvio Palese - alto, tenor and soprano sax
Piero Vincenti - piano, keyboards
Francesco Pennetta - drums
Paolo Romano - electric bass

Carolina Bubbico - voice (5)
Lucia Ianniello - flugelhorn (3)
Carlo Marzo - percussion (1,2,3,4,5,7,8)
Marco Ancona - electric guitar (2,4,7)
Alessandro Dell'Anna - trumpet (4)
Francesco Leone - trombone (4)