Detroit based keyboardist, songwriter and producer Marvin Thompson Jr. is known for two smooth jazz projects, Kind Words (2017) and his debut album In Focus (2007).

In many ways, the two projects are similar. Marvin has composed on his debut comparable to his second album all tracks with the exception of one, Eleanor Rigby, the famous song of the Beatles. He has also performed all instruments on his first album. Darnell Kendricks has an appearance as vocalist on Gifted.

Individuality is a desirable property, that sets us apart from the gray mass. For musicians it is the first step towards a high recognition degree. The first song of the first album stands for Marvin's program.

Working Class is often pitied as a low level. It is precisely this class that creates values. This thought transferred to the musician leads to the realization, music is his craft piece and at the same time his art. All or Nothing often appear as options in life. The musician opts for all, the sonic paradise.

Concentration, performance and stamina are important physical characteristics of a good musician, which enable him to develop his full potential. Focus is the heading and the positive feedback.

Own talent is an absolute privilege, a gift from God. This is even more true for a blessed voice as we find in the person of the singer Darnell Kendricks. The title Gifted is more than justified. Ultimately, it is a sign of creativity when the musician follows his own ideas. Free to Be is Marvin's very own piece of freedom.

Each musician also has influences and idols. The influence of the Beatles on the development of music in the 20th century can not be underestimated. It is therefore consistent that Marvin elected the Grammy awarded piece Eleanor Rigby as his favorite cover. Sometimes a musician should just get started and keep an eye on a motif. Never Mind follows this awareness of a development process, the waiting for the moment to be kissed by the muse.

The ambience can also inspire a musician. Time and Place pays particular attention to this phenomena. The title Spoken Word is somehow misleading because this song contains no words. However, if one understands sounds as language, the meaning of this title opens up. The introverted self-reflective piano tune Not the Last Time is Marvin's promise of return. A promise that he is known to have held with his new album.

Marvin Thompson gives us with his album In Focus recognition that wisdom is not the only thing of value in life, his music is without doubt one of these valuables.





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Album Information

Title: In Focus
Artist: Marvin Thompson Jr
Year: 2007
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Label: December Sky Music

1 Individuality 4:25
2 Working Class 4:20
3 All or Nothing 3:18
4 Focus 4:06
5 Gifted 6:29
6 Free to Be 4:15
7 Eleanor Rigby 3:10
8 Never Mind 2:54
9 Time and Place 6:43
10 Spoken Word 3:20
11 Not the Last Time 2:06