Quite Storm music is music that is mellow, moody, romantic and emotionally intense (the mellow/intensity juxtaposition is where quiet storm came in). It's usually vocal, and usually but not always male vocals recently although in in the late 80s/early 90s more females were doing QS (the female vocals on the soundtrack for Waiting to Exhale is a good example)..Quiet storm shows late at night on RnB stations are the equivalent of the Love Song shows that A/C stations do..except they mix in more instrumentals usually.


Rondenas are songs from the mountainous area of Ronda, in Malaga. If Verdiales are the fandangos of Malaga, then Rondenas are the Verdiales of Ronda. There are those who believe the name comes from the word 'Rondar', which means 'to patrol' or 'to prowl around'. In this context, Rondenas were probably originally the songs of young men serenading their loved ones from beneath their windows. For the guitarist, the rhythm and chord sequence of Rondenas are identical to Verdiales.

This traditional song form has no connection with the guitar solo Rondena of Ramon Montoya. A musical form created specifically for the guitar by Ramon Montoya. He is said to have developed it from yet another form called Rondenas which is different to the one described in the previous definition. Are you confused yet? If you haven't been keeping count, this makes three very different classifications of Rondenas.

This third one is believed to have been the toque of the bandits who practiced their trade in the mountains near Ronda. This obscure musical form is rhythmically reminiscent of the Taranto. In recent times, Ramon Montoya's Rondena has developed from a purely musical form to one which is also sung and danced.