Acid Jazz - Artists, Labels and more about this genre
Adult Contemporary Music in Japan - Especially Smooth Jazz releases in Japan
All music guide -  The definitive reference on jazz recordings and performers.
All That Jazz - The home of Smooth Jazz
Allthingssmooth - Chica Lisa's fansite with hundreds of photos
AMP3.COM - Lots of artists - offering mp3s
AMPCAST - Promotion platform for artists
Artist.Soundvalt - Upcoming platform for artists
A & R Online - Promotion platform for undesigned artists
Australian Smooth Jazz Network - Australian Smooth Jazz radio and entertainement
Bandwebb - Free promotion platform for artists
BandTools - Tools for musicians
BeSonic - More artists - more mp3s
Billboardtalentnet - A huge artists-database of all kind of music
Blues & Soul Magazine - A magazine about Garage, Hip-Hop, Soul and Jazz
Brevard Jazz Series - A  Brevard County based promotion  & production org. 
Broadband Talent Net - A platform for musicians to showcase their works
CD-Street  - Promotion platform for artists
Checkout - Music informations, free mp, reviews
Cjazz -Your Place to Experience Contemporary Jazz 
Coldwater Central Station - Chris Callahan's homepage
Contemporary jazz - The source of contemporary jazz information
CoolJazzCreatives - Music label and network
eJaVe - electronic Journey across Virtual entertainment. Music, videos, films, etc 
Epic Radio - Streaming radio in classic rock, new music and Smooth Jazz
Euro Club De Jazz  Supporting jazz music and the artists - very informative
1 Sound - New music platform
Festival Archive - A comprehensive website about all sorts of festivals around the globe
FranceMP3 - French MP3 - site
Free Audio Player  - Promotion platform for independant artists
Freetrax - An interactive musical environment for artists and music lovers
Free World  Music - Reviews of reggae and Smooth Jazz-artists
Fusion Flavors - Steve Quirk's website
Gemm - A great  cd- marketplace  and  cd-finder
Groove Jingles - Smooth sounds in wave and real audio
Groovenation - Internet radio - Smooth Jazz audio, video, all in flash-mode
Hubba - New platform for independent artists
Imagein - Your personal web radio
Invitations - German Shakatak fan site
Java Music - Platform for indepent artists
Jazzcontemporáneo - Lo mejor del Jazz Contemporáneo en español
Jazz da Placa - Smooth Jazz fan site - very atmospheric reviews
Jazz from A - Z  - A fan site with 15.000 jazz-links
JazzIN' Orlando! - The all-in-one-place Orlando-based jazz musicians' web site!
Jazz Lynx Net - Canada's Smooth Jazz connection
Jazzzman  - Contemporrary jazz - Tours - Reviews -Sounds
Jazzman Homepage -  Smooth Jazz reviews
Jazzmanmusic - An internet jazz radio selection of
Jazz Online - The new voice in Jazz
Jazzquest - Website of the famous Jazz-singer Joan Cartwright
JazzUSA - Online magazine about all kind of Jazz in USA
Jazz World Database - Informations about everything in Jazz
Jazzz Impressions - Contemporary jazz show on radio offer
Layer 3 Recordings - Free mp3-platform for artists
Lincoln Ross Music - Free advices for musicians - The music download directory
Mi2N - Music Industry News Network
MP3.COM - Huge amount of artists of all genres
Music Builder - A website for artists and listeners
Musicats - Home of the BEST in Smooth Jazz and other Music Web Design
Music Edge - A digital music community of artists of all genres
Music is the best - Japanese Contemporary Jazz fan site - German place for musicians, studios, agencies & fans
Paxstereo - Professional Internet radio - also Smooth Jazz tunes and videos
Peanet-Music - A platform for artists - One of the Peoplesound-websites - Music of all genres
Perry Smith Enterprises- Smooth Jazz on the Internet
Phil's Place - Smooth Jazz fansite - Jazz Nation
Players-Server - A platform for artists
Playhear - Provides music sites support and independence with promotion
Quietmusic - Nick Francis' website - DJ, producer, music director
R&R - The week in music - NAC - Smooth Jazz
Radio Sonic Net - Radio on the net
Rlabels - Searchable database for labels in the web
Sheet Music - Premium sheet site
Smooth Christian Jazz - Christian counterpart to smooth contemporary jazz 
Smooth Jazz Berlin - Berlin's portal to Smooth Jazz (Germany)
Smooth Jazz Canada - John Beaudin's Canadian Smooth Jazz site - Smooth Jazz fansite in Germany
Smooth Jazz Music - First Management Group presents the Oasis Awards show
SmoothJazz News - Website of a Smooth Jazz magazine
Smoothjazznow - Website of a Smooth Jazz magazine
Smooth Jazz Radio - Internet Radio - Selling Samplers
Smooth Jazz - Rhythm and Blues - Women in Jazz
Smooth Jazz site - Smooth Jazz fansite
Smoothjazztherapy - Dennis Pole's smooth jazz weblog
Smoothvibes - Your starting point to everything smooth and jazzy on the net
Smoothviews - A Smooth Jazz online magazine - Platform for musicians
SoundClick - Artists of all genres
Sounds Of Timeless Jazz - Jazz beyond category, reviews and interviews
Soul Sweet - Contemporary Jazz fan site with bios and reviews
Soul 24-7 - UK's leading site in Soul Music
Stemway Productions -  fosters and promotes jazz artists in the New York City and New Jersey area.
Sunset Jazz - Smooth Jazz streaming radio
Takephivejazz - A great resource full of jazz content for jazz fans
Texas Internet Radio - Texas Jazz radio on the Internet
The Celebrity Cafe - Dominick A. Miserandino's Celebrity Interviews 
The Hughes Reviews - A huge amount of personal reviews with rankings
The Jazz Nation - International community of CJazz fans with great fan-zine
The Jazz World - This is an alternative way of enjoying the smooth jazz experience.
The Jazz Review -  Artists - Labels - Links
The jazz site - is focused towards contemporary and latin-fusion jazz
The JazzSource - Your source for Smooth Jazz round the world
The Music Review -  The music industry search engine
The Music Spot - Australian music platform
The Orchard - A place to crow - independent artists
The Production Room Dot Net - Worldwide Web Radio, digital audio production
The Smooth Jazz Ride - A very active Smooth Jazz site with many reviews and interviews
Tomorrowjazz - Contemporary Jazz
Tunes - One of the biggest music archives
UBL - The ultimate band list - Very huge and informative database of artists
Virtual Colony - A virtual colony of musicians, painters, craftmen of fine arts

Vitaminic - Like a growing platform, IUMA is merged.

Wave Music - Europe's Nr. 1 in wavemusic
Yellow Dog Jazz Report - Informative, competent and entertaining