The Smooth Jazz Ring is designed to be a platform of sites concerning Smooth Jazz and related styles and pages. The only requirements are that the contents of your page are about Smooth Jazz or an comparable style and that it not be a page blatantly advertising a 
product. It can be a page of a single artist, a band, a label, a Smooth Jazz-fan. 

This Smooth Jazz Ring is pretty liberal so long as the main focus of your page is content, and doesn't say "Send your check or money order" at the end of every other paragraph. The Smooth Jazz Ring is for artists, and people into art; it's not for corporations. If you want more informations about the webring-idea, click the word webring

The Smooth Jazz Ring is an open ring. So you are invited to join, no matter which content the site has. 

Stations-sites (radios) of or of other weborganisations cannot be accepted. My request to the artists at Please join with your private homepage. The Smooth Jazz Ring shall not become a part of The atmosphere of the ring would be destroyed. On the other side you have to add the navigation bar to be added to the ring. This navigation bar is a java-script. Java cannot be used at

The only condition for joining is, that your website has a relation to Smooth Jazz. The concept of the Smooth Jazz Ring is, to offer a forum for professional artists and non-artists bringing both together. 

The Smooth Jazz Ring has been designed for the express purpose of expanding the visibility of individuals who play, love and listen to this style, since they still can't count on many Smooth Jazz sites.

Anyone whose page meets these requirements is encouraged to join. The Smooth Jazz Ring will hopefully bring everyone more exposure, and hits.



You are impressed by the possibilities and want to join? Just click 

here 8

You will be guided first to Webring, where you have to sign in with your username and password. If you are not registered at Webring, you have to join Webring first. After signing in you will be guided to the addform-site. Fill out this form (yes, including the keywords and description, believe me, it will help you get noticed). When finished, press the "submit" button. This will put you in the ring queue, where you wait to be added to the webring. Webring will send you a navigation code. Add this script to the page. It is now a ring requirement that the links must be on the first page. After adding the script to your site inform the Ringmaster by email. After submitting your site to the Smooth Jazz Ring, the Ringmaster will check and add your site to the ring. 

Be careful, of course. This script will also be automatically mailed to you, just in case its easier for you to cut and paste it out of your e-mail box. This navigation bar must be on your page before you can be activated into the ring. First you will only see the top of the navigation bar. After applying the bar will grow to the functional size.

It is up to you whether or not you include the Smooth Jazz Ring  banner in with the links code, I understand they wont fit in with every page. The Smooth Jazz Ring  offers banners on the banner-page. The banners are with black background or transparent, animated or non-animated.