The 25th Street Band are writers, arrangers and  producers Russ Klinger and Dave Radnor. They play keyboards, guitars and programming. Since their debut album The key of H (2007) we had to wait seven years. Now the wait is over with their return Dawn Of My Career (2014).

Guesting from LA are drummer Tom Brechtlein, and bassist Hussain Jiffry, from Toronto flutist Bill McBirnie, from the UK sax player Mornington Lockett, on vocals Ann Bailey, and Ollie James.

Skyway comes with a lot of joy and effortless ease. Mornington Lockett presents the basic melody in a new light. From the middle of the piece, the group interprets the piece as a naughty rock jazz before they turn back to the smooth jazz style.

Golden Moments is featuring songstress Ann Bailey richly decorated with a string orchestra. Grand Central Station is outlined with hip bass rhythm and snappy keyboard runs. The group also has the courage to chaotic elements. A little rock, turntable scratching and more. I am happy to hear the familiar keyboard sounds of Roland.

Timo falls out of the ordinary. The intro is from the hip-hop, the vocal part is reminiscent of priestly chorales, then goes something into Latin. A roller coaster ride of musical styles. Rock and jazz enter into a palatable communion on Beat. Dawn Of My Career presents a splendid triumvirate of keyboard, guitar and vocals.

Jazzira is by far the longest piece of this album with a length of more than 12 minutes. Great solos of all musicians especially flutist Bill McBirnie. Cold Star Journey is characterized by beautiful sounds, melodies and fantasies. With the funky Hugo's There, the musicians once again show the immensity of their musical freedom.

Get yourself into the adventure of 25th Street. Listening to this album is great fun.






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Album Information

Title: Dawn Of My Career
Artist: 25th Street Band
Year: 2014
Length: 1:05:13
Genre: Smooth Jazz

01 Skyway [7:18]
02 Golden Moments [4:58]
03 Grand Central [6:20]
04 Timo [6:26]
05 Beat [5:22]
06 Dawn Of My Career [7:18]
07 Jazzira [12:38]
08 Cold Star Journey [8:20]
09 Hugo's There [6:32]

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