25th Street Band - The key of H


London is not only the capitol city of acid jazz. It's the place where all kind of music streams together. From this pulsing heart of music come Russ Klinger and Dave Radnor. They're the writers, the arrangers and the producers. They play keyboards, guitars and instrument programming. They have worked with George Michael and Imagination amongst others. Without any doubt their debut album The key of H (2007) is not a fusion jazz project but perfectly fits into the smooth jazz market. Russ Klinger defines his music as West Coast Jazz. You will find captivating melodies with a high appeal. The group did a lot to satisfy the audience with top players like drummer Tom Brechtlein,  bassist Hussain Jiffry, saxmen Mornington Lockett and David Bitelli, trumpet player Henry Armburg Jennings, and Latin singer Jandira Silva.

The first notes of Hollywood indicate an edgy contemporary jazz tune, but after Hussain Jiffry's bass intro and Lockett's awesome horn arrangement Russ Klinger shows with impressing guitar riffs the direction of the album to melodious shores.

Driving on West Coast Highway has inspired a legion of musicians. 25th Street set their own impression of a panoramic view. Spectacular: Henry Armburg Jennings's trumpet. He is an experienced session and jazz trumpeter and pianist. You can meet him at 100 Club, Jazz Cafe, Ronnie Scotts, Royal Albert Hall in the London area.

Sundown is a good example of the essence of the 25th Street Band. There is no dominant player, all musicians amalgamate to a jam session with many variables.

Vem Dancar is featuring singer Jandira Silva in a Latin song with Brazilian flavor. The Brazil born Jandira lives since May 2007 in London. Mixing Bossa and Jazz as no one else, she's looking forward on finding musicians who can keep up with her, bringing ideas, sounds, and good vibes!

On Crusade Russ and Dave show the great soundscape of keyboards in a funky combination. One can compare their music with groups like The Rippingtons and Dostero.  This impression is underlined by The Key Of H. Dynamic, uplifting and entertaining. Ready for great live concerts.

The Long Way Home is an stirring epic tune presenting the musicians in a powerful interaction. The tune has a slow lyrical intro and outro while the main part accelerates the tempo.

On the closing Vem Dancar David Bitelli on sax, Dave Radnor on keys and Russ Klinger on guitar are performing the instrumental way and spirit of this mellow song.

With The Key Of H Russ Klinger and Dave Radnor set a signal to all friends of smooth jazz. London is coming!