All-For-7 is comprised of Kevin Stevenson (drums) and partner Jerry Hutchinson (keyboards, guitars). Although All-For-7 is their debut album, both musicians have a longtime-partnership. They first met in 1985 at a studio session. "When we got together I really didn't know what direction our vision of contemporary jazz could produce. Could we create a collage of musical styles i.e. hip-hop, r&b, along with the sounds we heard when we were growing up? After cutting "A Walk In Paradise" and "Outta Your Hands", we knew we had a foundation to build upon." 

If you like keyboardists like Greg Karukas, pianists like David Benoit or Bobby Lyle, this is a great addition to your CD-library. A Walk In Paradise is a slow-tempo contemplative song. Something for dreaming along. Lead instrument is piano backed by drum-programming and synth-strings. If you are tired from work and want to relax, this tune is the right stuff for diversion.

Message Of Life is more energetic featuring Michael Lewis on muted trumpet. The song has a funky appeal and is perfectly arranged with instrumentation on the point.

On Outta Your Hands Jerry Hutchinson shows his hipness as guitarist and pianist. Some George Benson mixed with Ronny Jordan, they caught the hooking melody.

If You Stay represents the same mood as A Walk In Paradise. Piano tintinnabulation with awesome synth-soundscape.

Uptempo like a fountain in spring Lighthouse leads us back to dance floor. Solo Rodriguez on fretless bass sets accents. Greetings to the Rippingtons!

If you like music of piano players as Alex Bugnon Morningtime will find your attention. Jerry Hutchinson has obviously a great equipment of keyboards and he knows to master it.

Kevin and Jerry are perfect observer of contemporary instrumental music. When I Look At You is a good example how they can transpose their observations. Rhythm, melody and arrangement are in ideal harmony. Jerry's running on piano or keyboards is sovereign. It smells after George Benson.

Harvest reminds at the music of Earth, Wind & Fire, especially the background motive. But that's legitimate when it sounds good.

When We Get to Heaven is featuring Melvin Smith on alto saxophone. Smith has shared the stage with Norman Conners, Michael Henderson, and the legendary drummer Charlie Persip. Smith has a great affinity to gospel music which is audible.

Another saxophonist presented on Twelfe 8 Shuffle is Kevin Davis. A talent we will definitely hear more from in near future.

After several spins I can just applaud All-For-7. This album should be on all purchase lists. 




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