Producer, writer, keyboardist Buzz Amato is a heavyweight in the music industry. He was the musical director of Curtis Mayfield and Three Degrees and his recording activities extend to over 150 albums.

During the pandemic touring had a sudden end and Buzz had the time to produce a wonderful album of eleven self-composed tracks.    The studio musicians who participated in the recording are listed in the credits.

The album opens with Mt. Helicon, a mountain located in Greece, which according to Greek mythology was home to the Muses. A jazz fusion-inspired piece that could just as well be called Olympus.

Muse Cafè, the album's namesake, has a strong smooth jazz orientation, somewhat reminiscent of the music of the formation Spyro Gyra. Tickle Me Blue arises to a contemporary electronic style, which meanders in between into a melodic area.

Angel In My Pocket presents the fabulous singer Melissa Ellen for which the song seems to have been written on the body. Melpomene, according to Greek mythology, was the muse of song before later being called the muse of tragedy. Buzz takes us into a mysterious world of bizarre sounds that form a melodious whole.

Round 12am is the witching hour, heralded by funky sounds. Bossame Mucho is a pun of Besame Mucho and Bossa Nova and so our protagonist goes to the past world of Bossa Nova. Urania is the muse of astronomy. Buzz pays homage to her in his keyboard creation.

The Dream is a title that is very popular in the smooth jazz world. Buzz presents us his very own version. Sappho was an Archaic Greek poet from Eresos or Mytilene on the island of Lesbo. Sappho Last Call is inspired by her. The album ends with Going Home, where Buzz confronts us again with his keyboard sound world.

Buzz Amato's album Muse Café is characterized by a stylistic independence that makes it stand out like a beacon from the mass of uniformity.






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Album Information

Title: Muse Café
Artist: Buzz Amato
Year: 2022
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Label: Blue Canoe Records


1) "Mt Helicon" (3:09)
2) "Muse Cafe" (4:44)
3) "Tickle Me Blue" (5:23)
4) "Angel In My Pocket" (4:07)
5) "Melpomene" (5:51)
6) "Round 12am" (5:13)
7) "Bossame Mucho" (4:44)
8) "Urania" (4:25)
9) "The Dream" (4:37)
10) "Sappho Last Call" (5:24)
11) "Going Home" (2:54)


Piano/Rhodes/Synths/Programming: Buzz Amato
Saxes, EWI, Flutes, Bass Clarinet: Doug Payne
Guitar (Tracks 4, 7, 9): Rick Hinkle
Guitar (Tracks 2, 4, 5, 6, 8): Chris Blackwell
Guitar (Additional - Track 5): Derek “D Roc” Brown,
Nick Perugini, Buzz Amato
Bass (Track 6): Joseph Patrick Moore
Bass (Track 10): Bennie Sims
Drums (Tracks 2, 6, 10): Louis Newsome
Drums (Track 7): Timothy Courts
Vocals (Tracks 4, 9): Melissa Ellen