Bryan Anderson - Slow Your Roll

I recently wrote a review about Bryan Anderson's album Beaufort Avenue. This album is his second release in 2005. Similar like Beaufort Album this isn't a bass album although Bryan is foremost a bass player. 

The album starts with The Call featuring John Rekevics on saxophone. If the term Smooth Jazz would be unknown one could call the music style Smooth Funk. Barnaby Finch plays a short but powerful keyboard solo. Barnaby is a touring member of Lee Ritenour's band since 1982. He also performed with such illuminates like Tim Weisberg, George Benson, Pat Kelley, Kazu Matsui, Marlena Shaw, Ronnie Laws, Pressure, Lionel Richie, Earl Klugh, Kenny Rogers and Eric Marienthal.

Compare the title song Slow Your Roll with a perfume. There is a first and a second scent but the melody is fleeting too soon. Famous smooth jazz guitarist Richard Smith plays a flying visit. He should play the leading role.

Sweet Silence is really sweet like Coca Cola. The softness of Bob Boss' guitar, John Rekevics' sax and Barnaby Finch's keys is unbeatable. Bob Boss is freelancing with several bands in San Diego including work with Seahawk, Dave Pike, Marguerita Page and Holly Hofmann.

Some Bossa flavor is served with Special Love. I love Peter Sprague's guitar play. Peter is a passionate performer of Brazilian music since the time of his former group "BrazilJazz".

It's isn't easy to explain with words why Richard Smith is such a special guitarist, just trust your ears and you will understand. Jamaica Sunrise is perfectly tailored for him. This song in without any doubt the highlight of this album.

One Step Closer is featuring Tripp Sprague, Peter Sprague's brother, on sax. He performed with Kenny Loggins, Mose Allison, Smokey Robinson, The Four Tops, The Temptations, Kim Carnes and Todd Rundgren.

All Smitty's in the world will like Smitty's Groove and the rest too. A sultry melody introduced by Barnaby Finch on piano and trimmed by Tripp Sprague. Very laid back in the beginning and virtuoso in the end. Don't miss the jazz Tuesday Paul Carman, Barnaby Finch and Marshall Hawkins at Café Aroma in Idyllwild, if you are a fan of acoustic jazz.

Peter Sprague (guitar) and Barnaby Finch (keys) are creating a wonderful atmosphere on She Smiles which reminds me at Peter White's style. 

All Day is the quintessence of joy and ease. A flowing rhythm and attractive riffs.

How do musicians work with the loveliest tone they can hear? They recorded the laughter of their babies. That's My Baby is a nice example for a good realization. Kevin Esposito (trombone) and Evan Marks (guitarist of Fattburger) are rising the song to a higher level. 



  • Musicians:

Bryan Anderson: bass & nylon string guitar 
John Rekevics: sax & flute  
Allen Phillips: percussion & keys 
Evan Marks: guitars 
Peter Sprague: guitars 
Tripp Sprague: sax 
Barnaby Finch: keys 
Derek Cannon: trumpet 
Kevin Esposito: trombone 
Tommy Aros: percussion 
Duncan Moore: Drums.

Additional musicians include: 

Richard Smith: guitars 
Stanly Morgan: guitar  
Bob Boss: guitars 
Greg Douglas: guitar

  • More information:

Title: Slow Your Roll
Artist: Bryan Anderson
Year: 2005
Length: 0:45:59
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Label: Mileta Records

01 The Call [4:09]
02 Slow Your Roll [4:35]
03 Sweet Silence [4:58]
04 Special Love [3:50]
05 Jamacia [4:41]
06 One Step Closer [4:46]
07 Smitty's Groove [4:14]
08 She Smiles [5:12]
09 All Day [3:41]
10 That's My Baby [5:54]