Sometime Soon

Do you know how many trumpists are playing Smooth Jazz? I just try to recall some names: Greg Adams, Herb Alpert, Ron Blewitt (Sambada), Chris Botti, Rick Braun, Tom Browne, Dominic Glover (Incognito, Citrus Sun), Gordon James, Jeff Jarvis, Mc Kenzie, Lyle Mays (Pat Metheny Group), Kevin Robinson (Inner Shade), Michael Patches Stewart, Reiner Winterschladen (Nighthawks). You will probably add some more. Some weeks ago I found a new one: Bal

He recorded with artists like Ray Manzarek (The Doors), David Benoit, Vinnie Colaiuta, Sumack (V2Records), Ricky Martin, Lou Bega and a lot more. Born in Stetten, Poland he joined the American music market living over five years in Chicago until he settled in L.A., I suppose not only because of the music but also because of the splendid weather and lifestyle over there.

Art of Melanie presents Bal's muted trumpet in a dark mood like in a film noire. But Bal not only plays trumpet: he plays piano, keyboards and knows a lot about drumprogramming. 

It was the right decision to invite some other players to his project as you can hear on the second track Kissing Your Lips opened by David Benoit's graceful piano play. Bal is pressing all his emotions into the small mouthpiece of his trumpet.

Follow up is a vocal version of Kissing Your Lips.  Adam "AEJAY' E" Jackson gives his final finish to this romantice love tune. Ladys you should hear this tune, you will get goose bump.

The next tune I Still Hope is a slow instrumental with a memory-assesses duet between David Benoit's piano and Bal's trumpet. David Benoit's extensive piano solo will awaken the applause of each jazz-enthusiast.

Even two versions of the title song Sometime Soon are to hear. The first is accompanied by David Benoit, the second presents anew Adam "AEJAY' E" Jackson's vocals. Adam's voice is really intimate and impressing.

One Sunny Day brightens up the mood in a happy vacations style, then Bal's muted trumpet adds a dark cloud.

One again Adam "AEJAY' E" Jackson recites the love song Memory in his inimitable style.

Sometimes It Happens is Bal's  fusion jazz outbreak. His helpers are Ralph Beerhorst on Synth, Wally Hustin on Bass and Vinnie Colaiuta on Drums. They aren't arrested again. Bal burns out his trumpet.

No Kiss Goodbye is the return to Bal's muted trumpet and the dark mood of a lost love.

A tribute to his Polish heritage is the last tune Polish Broadway. Ralph Beerhorst revailed his splendid piano play. In the double sense of the word polish is also this piece able to convince the critical ears. 

It will be of interest to hear Bal's future projects  to pursue his further musical development under the influence of the American music-market.





The musicians:

  • Bal - Trumpet

  • David Benoit - Piano

  • Ralph Beerhorst - Synth

  • Wally Hustin - Bass

  • Vinnie Colaiuta - Drums

  • Clyde Davis - Shaker, Drums

  • Adam "AEJAY' E" Jackson - Vocals, Background Vocals

  • Darrell Smith - Piano

  • Stefani Taylor - Background Vocals

  • Kevin Flournoy - Piano





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