You have to give multi-instrumentalist Rod Best one thing, he's incredibly productive. This year he had already released his album The Next Level, which is well stocked with 14 songs. Now he's going one better with his album Soul Soothing, which presents an abundance of 16 tracks.

All tracks are written, arranged and produced by keyboardist Rod Best. This time he is joined by Patrick Yandall on guitars, Daniel Spirovski on saxophones and Libbie Jo Snyder on flute.

Rod Best opens his new album with An Uptime Groove, a hip piano appetizer with a more than pleasing and uplifting theme. Moving Out serves a compelling piano piece, where apparently Rod prefers a real piano to synthetic piano sounds, which makes the piece sound even more authentic.

Rod has a knack for lively melodies like Hot Sweet. However, the rhythmic accompaniment in the concrete case seems a bit bumpy to me. It's a different story with G Jammin' again, who's really going to be a real buzz. When Patrick Yandall reaches for the guitar, the song gets another kick.

Rising Up doesn't feature Josh Groban but Libbie Jo Snyder on flute. Floating On Air dives deep into the heart of romance. Rod has a golden hand for captivating harmonies. Call It Up shows different keyboard sounds and piano in the lead, while Daniel Spirovski gives a short performance on sax.

Daniel Spirovski has another appearance on Lazy Times adding some infectious colors to the tune. Pure Delight taps in the pulse of smooth jazz with pleasurable piano strikes. On Living Free Rod's piano communicates fluently with Daniel's sax.

On Rod's new album Soul Soothing are a lot of attractive melodies to discover. Don't hesitate to visit CDBaby to encounter his creativity.







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Album Information

Title: Soul Soothing
Artist: Rod Best
Year: 2019
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Label: Independent

1 An Uptime Groove 03:47
2 Moving Out 03:28
3 How Sweet 03:49
4 G Jammin' 04:23
5 Rising Up 03:42
6 Floating On Air 04:31
7 Call It Up 02:57
8 Lazy Times 03:50
9 Pure Delight 03:15
10 Living Free 03:52
11 I'm Feelin' It 04:17
12 Reflection Time 04:13
13 Latin Lover 03:38
14 A Moment In Time 04:33
15 Peaceful 04:45
16 Soul Soothing 04:43

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