Blue Latitude  - El Encanto


The group Blue Latitude was founded by Randy Rigby & Ed Edwards, both veteran musicians with a big punch of experience in music business. After 5 years of performing weekly at Denver’s Sambuca Restaurant, a rare & classy combination of concert venue and restaurant, both decided to make their debut album El Encanto (2007). 

“With our production company, we’ve been producing and playing on a lot of other people’s records for years,” says Rigby, “so we just wanted to make a recording of a band of our own creation and see the music that we’ve been composing come to life. We’re really hoping for a label to get behind what we’re doing, but the worst-case scenario is that we’ll continue to enjoy playing our own music with a band made up of people that we love dearly.”

Guest musicians on this album are Jim Fletcher (bass), Christian Teal (drums), Bob Rebholz (sax), Dave Thrush (flute) and Emma Saunar (background vocals). The CD has a cover of burning flames and that's the connection to the first track Journey Of The Flame. Heavy modern rhythms with a stomping beat are introducing into the Latin flavored melody leaded by Randy Rigby on acoustic guitar and garnished by Dave's chirping flute. 

The melody Blue Latitude is performed by Randy on electric guitar using a pushing method with short chords. On the bridge he changes this style to a brief solo interfusing with his acoustic guitar.

Soul Shadows is featuring the singer Ed Edwards. The song is about jazz heroes and the spirit of venues. Originally written by Will Jennings and Joe Sample for the Live album Midnight Triangle (1976) of the Crusaders it became later a hit for Bill Withers. Randy and Ed transform the old song into modern era. “We’ve grown up listening and playing jazz, but we are not purists by any means, because we love the diverse styles of music that have sprung up in America over the past 100 years; jazz, blues, gospel, r&b, folk & country”, Randy preaches. “We like to think that music is ultimately all about the people, who respond to memorable melodies as well as skillful improvisation.” 

Latin Medley:  El Encanto / Philadelphia Mambo is showcasing the high quality of the group with this uptempo medley. This is live atmosphere pressed into CD.

More Latin swing do you find on Minor Contemplation. A relaxing piece for laid back hours. 

Big Sur Serenade is build on a lead phrase performed on keys with sensible guitar injections.

Jungle feeling is coming up on The Amazon Queen. Based on a pumping rhythm Ed and Randy are spell bounding the audience with brilliant guitar sound.

Face In The Clouds is a spacey tune with an awesome synth solo. There is a bit of Alan Parson's Project in the sky.

Lights Out is the title of the melancholic tune, but for Blue Latitude are all lights on. Great combination of guitar and synth (harmonica sound).

Into The Mystic was originally released as the last song on side one of Van Morrison's third album, Moondance (1970). The song evokes a sailor's pledge to come home from the sea to his lover and rock her gypsy soul. Blue Latitude's version is featuring Ed, lead vocals and electric guitar. The tune has more tempo than the original and Ed's interpretation is straight and smooth.

Blue Latitude's debut album El Encanto is a winner and reveals the potential of the duo Randy Rigby & Ed Edwards. I hope the album is the start off for a career of these sympatico and gifted musicians.



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  • Title: El Encanto
    Artist: Blue Latitude
    Year: 2007
    Length: 0:48:26
    Genre: Smooth Jazz
    Label: Mercy Road Music Group

    01 Journey Of The Flame [4:05]
    02 Blue Latitude [4:58]
    03 Soul Shadows [5:59]
    04 Latin Medley - El Encanto Philadelphia Mambo [4:05]
    05 Minor Contemplation [5:56]
    06 Big Sur Serenade [4:52]
    07 The Amazon Queen [4:43]
    08 Face In The Clouds [4:09]
    09 Lights Out [4:30]
    10 Into The Mystic [5:08]