JuewettBOSTICK - It's Not So Easy

Juewett Bostick is a prolific musician recording and performing since 25 years. Bobby Brown, Vanessa Williams, Barry White, Johnny Gill, The Temptations, Sister Sledge, Hubert Laws, Nancy Wilson, Norman Brown, Thelma Houston, Tisha Campbell and Eartha Kitt are musicians participating of his genius. Smooth jazz afinados will know that he produced and arranged Norman Connors' well-known albums Just Between Us, Easy Living and Eternity. 

When I first listen to his white Fender Squire Stratocaster with a maple neck. I recognized a certain similarity to Craig T. Cooper's guitar sound. Juewett explains the difference: "Craig and I are old friends but Iím older than he is. However, Craig did begin his solo recording career before I did.  I think my first record, as a sideman, was in 1975.  Craig was not in high school yet.  Donít get me wrong he and I are brothers. I know his entire family, his wife, son, brother etc... But I donít think I sound like Craig at all!  The proof would be in a live show. Youíd hear the difference."

"I think my style covers a bit more of the jazz purest. Artists like Grant Green, Kenny Burrell, Wes Montgomery, George Benson. Some of the others I feel a strong connection to are Herbie Hancock, John Coltrane, Dexter Gordon, Lee Morgan. These are the REAL jazz musicians.  I have been fortunate to record and perform with people like Grover Washington, Gary Bartz. Eddie Harris, Eartha Kitt, Nancy Wilson, Aretha Franklin, The Temptations, etc...  I think the difference between myself and Craig is I worked with many of the older traditional R&B and jazz artists and he worked with many of the newer younger artists.  Don't take this the wrong way. This is not to degrade Craig. But an attempt to try and illustrate the difference in style and approach to our musical writing and production our ultimate artistic expression.  If you check the bonus tracks you will see Craig mixed Posse Ride and All The Way Down.  He was a major part of this project. But our writing, production and playing styles are different.  Check out Elsi Ní Me, TLG, or Kellies Theme, and the bonus tracks for the difference in writing and production style.  ENJOY the difference ;-)"   

It's Not Easy is Juewett Bostik's debut album and I am wondering why it last so long to publish this record. It's a great idea that Juewett added an interactive CD-ROM to the package with videos explaining the history of all songs and showing the people behind this awesome project. The album starts with
Precious Love which was demoed by Juewett and Christopher Odem (1995) and originally released on Norman Connors' album Easy Living (1997) also featuring Denise Stewart. Denise interprets that song in a "Chaka Khan" style. She's is brilliant.

Ali-Ollie Woodson was the former lead singer with The Temptations on seven of their albums through to 1997. He performed with The Drifters from 1972 to 1977 and replaced Teddy Pendergrass as lead singer with Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes between 1977 and 1979. This modern vocalist with a remarkable expressive voice is a great enrichment for the song You Need Love.

The title song It's Not So Easy was written by Ricky Liggins and David Wiliams. One can see Ricky performing the song on the CD-ROM. Lead singer Denise Stewart and background singer LaDeana Williams are perfectly performing this song as a midtempo version.

You Go To My Head is a classic song. Composed by J. Fred Coots and Haven Gillespie artists such alike Louis Armstrong, Chet Baker, Tony Bennet, Clifford Brown, Dave Brubeck, Bing Crosby and hundreds more have performed this song. Denise Stewart's interpretation is one of the best.

Juewett reveals the beauty of his guitar on Elsi n' Me. It's dreamy. Like Juewett I cannot get enough from this song and I am thankful that we have a second version on this album.

What Will I Do is featuring Jean Carn and Ali Woodson in a wonderful duet and to raise the musical treat Denise Stewart and Jean Carn add the background vocals.

Just Like This was originally recorded for Norman Connors' album "Remember Who You Are" (1993). On the CD-ROM one can see a snippet of the recording session. Very rich in contrast Denise Stewart's female lead vocals and Ali Woodson's background vocals. A funky session.

I Can't Tell You Why, a cover of the classic Eagles song, showcases how a great singer like Jean Carn finds new ways of interpretation.

Kellie's Theme is named after Norman Connors' elder daughter Kelly. The lead melody is played by Juewett on guitar. Is a comparison to George Benson's style allowed? 

Ricky Liggins wrote the lyrics to Forever More in 1993. His version is to see on the CD-ROM. Another proof for Denise Stewart's divine vocals. Don't forget to give her solo debut album "Decide On Me" a listen. Gary Bartz on sax did a very soulful job.

T.L.G. (Taylor Louis Gite) is the name of Welton Gite's son. Welton was a great supporter of this album (Producer, Musician, Programmer). But we could also call this tune the Art Webb song. Art's performance on flute is phenomenal. Thanks to Juewett to bring such a gifted jazz player in the limelight again. 

This album is for all lovers of good music. Especially friends of Soul/R&B and Smooth Jazz will find their treasures. A real case of lost and found.




Title: It's Not So Easy
Artist: Bostick
Year: 2003
Length: 1:09:59
Genre: General R&B/Smooth Jazz

01 Precious Love [4:11]
02 You Need Love [4:10]
03 It's Not So Easy [4:29]
04 You Go To My Head [5:20]
05 Elsi N' Me [5:58]
06 What Will I Do [4:29]
07 Just Like This [5:31]
08 I Can't Tell You Why [4:25]
09 Kellie's Theme [5:16]
10 Forever More [4:52]
11 T.L.G (Taylor Louis Gite) [6:01]
12 It's Not So Easy (Instr.) [4:27]
13 Elsi N' Me (Instr.) [5:38]
14 Kellie's Theme (Instr.) [5:13]