Trumpet player Cindy Bradley is on the fast track. She started her career with Just A Little Bit (2007), followed by Bloom(2009), Unscripted (2011), Bliss (2014), Natural (2017) and The Little Things (2019). Her seventh album is Promise, just released on Trippin 'N' Rhythm Records.

Cindy is joined by Hussain Jiffry (bass), Darrell Crooks (guitar), Greg Manning (keys and programming), Mark Jaimes (guitars), Alex Al (bass), Ray Yslas (percussion), and Thano Sahnas (guitars).

The  album opens with A Little Moxie showcasing the courageous spirit and determination of this female trumpet player. Cindy goes one better with For The Cool In You. Where Michael "Patches" Stewart leaves off, Cindy begins her exciting journey.

The appropriately named Drive musically describes the automotive path to an undetermined destination. If you are looking for a master guitarist of romantic guitar, Thano Sahnas is the first address. Night Flight fully takes this into account.

Gimme The Night is not a cover of George Benson's worldwide hit, but a composition by Cindy and Greg. The title song seems to have grown out of Bill Withers' song archive. Mature and convincing, anyway.

Cinco, the Spanish word for five, represents the Spanish lust for life, which comes across wonderfully with this song. With Take The Plunge, Cindy shows off her playful use of the tin mute.

Ani is characterized by a romantic mood that probably reflects the relationship between Cindy and that person. The album closes with Evening Zen, a masterful composition full of gentleness.

With Promise, Cindy Bradley not only fulfills all the expectations placed on her, but also confirms her high status as one of the leading jazz trumpeters.






Album Information

Title: Promise
Artist:Cindy Bradley
Year: 2023
Length: 0:44:09
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Label: Trippin 'N' Rhythm Records

1) "A Little Moxie" (4:13)
2) "For The Cool In You" (4:30)
3) "Drive" (4:21)
4) "Night Flight" (4:32)
5) "Gimme The Night" (4:26)
6) "Promise" (4:31)
7) "Cinco" (4:10)
8) "Take The Plunge" (4:36)
9) "Ani" (4:22)
10) "Evening Zen" (4:25)