Berklee graduated guitarist Bennett Brandeis is known in the smooth jazz scene by his solo projects Jazz Guitar (1995),  The View From Above (2001), Storytelling (2006), Groove Time (2014) and Midnight Passion (2016). His newest album is entitled YIN (2022).

Bennett has written, performed and produced the complete EP. Further musicians are not involved. The term Yin comes from Chinese philosophy. Yin and Yang are two forces that are polar opposites and at the same time complement each other. In transcendental meditation, Yin as a form of yoga is one of the many variants.

The cover picture and title already give the attentive reader an idea of the style direction in which Bennett's new album tends. We know it as meditative music or New Age. Thus, the individual tracks with long drawn-out slowly played sounds radiate inner peace and serenity, as it is often used in the field of transcendental music.

Bennet B's new project Yin is therefore primarily intended for this clientele and area of application.






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Album Information

Title: Yin
Artist: Bennett B
Year: 2022
Length: 0:32:34
Genre: New Age
Label: Baton Music


1) "Sunrise" (5:24)
2) "Gratitude" (5:27)
3) "Presence" (5:15)
4) "Pastoral" (5:38)
5) "Sonoran Rain" (5:21)
6) "Sunset" (5:27)

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