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Tom Braxton started his musical career with the jazz fusion band No Compromise. After his college years Braxton launched his solo course. His debut album Your Move (1992) was the first opportunity to record a duet with long-time friend Kirk Whalum on the song Peacemaker. His sophomore album Katalasso (1998) was his second smooth jazz album, followed by Face to Face (1999) an instrumental praise and worship CD. His next album Comfort and Joy (2001) was a Christmas album.  His fifth release, Bounce (2005), was produced by Wayman Tisdale for Dave Koz’s label, Rendezvous Entertainment.  “Wayman approached me with the idea of doing a project together,” recalls Braxton.  “I was very excited and the creative juices began to flow."

His newest album is Imagine This (2007). “The title of the CD has a lot of personal meaning to me. It is a positive statement that all things are possible and dreams can and really do come true. Through this music, I want to inspire the listener to look beyond the ordinary and aim for the extraordinary,” comments Braxton. The album is published by Pacific Coast Jazz, founded in 2003, a label that also offers artist management services. Kirk and Kevin Whalum, Kirks brother, Tim Bowman and Brian Simpson are among those musicians participating Braxton's new success.

Steely Dan's Peg, the first tune on Braxton's album, was released by Becker and Fagan on their groundbreaking album Aja (1977). This fascinating song hasn't lost its glamour and is a good choice for cover. Excellent Kevin's scatting jazz at the end of the tune. Braxton selected this song as first for smooth radio play.

Escape is featuring stellar keyboardist Brian Simpson this time on piano. The song was written and co-produced by keyboardist Joe Ninowski. Joe is known for his work in Gospel and Pop music (Wiley Brooks-Martin, Steve Flanigan, Marilyn McCoo).  Braxton comments:  “My good friend, Joe Ninowski, wrote this tune with me in mind. When I heard it, I immediately thought of asking Brian to add his special touch to this track.”

The title song Imagine This is featuring Kirk Whalum (tenor sax) in duet with Tom Braxton (soprano sax). The song has a strong spiritual touch; both sax players are known for their religious engagement.

Kaanapali Beach is one of the best beaches on Maui. The song encompass the spirit of surf and sun. Daran DeShazo's romantic acoustic guitar, Jorge Ginorio's spicy percussion, the awesome horn arrangement, there is so much sunny flavor in this song.

With Good to Go Eric Willis brings his own signature of keyboard sounds and drum programming into Braxton's musical world. As a songwriter, Eric has over 100 titles in his catalog, many which have been performed by local churches and community choirs including the DFW Mass Choir. He also performed with Braxton on his albums Katalasso and Bounce.

Haven't You Heard? is one of Patricia Rushen's top ten hits in the R&B charts of the 70's. Braxton's cover is certainly a bow to Patricia's original. The old stomping beat and Andrea Wallace's vocals have a flabbergasting similarity to Patricia's version.

Evening Drive is featuring Tim Bowman on guitar. He always shines as special guest musician.

There is a time when we rest for recreation and relaxation. It's Downtime. This is Braxton's musical expression of this relaxing period of day. So chill out and enjoy this song. On 1 a.m. Tom Braxton's underlines that mood with a horn section of Pete Branham (tenor sax), Don Bozman (trombone) and Larry Spencer (trumpet).

Rest Assured is a song expanding the space for Tom Braxton sax solo. Great support by keyboardists Eric Willis and Arlington Jones.

The curtain falls down softly with Revelation Song, food for dreaming, thought and contemplation.

Replacing hustle and bustle with calm, this spiritual understanding is taught by Braxton's music. Besides these soulful sax improvisations is enough space for stimulating music power. Ying and Yang for body and soul.





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  • Title: Imagine This
    Artist: Tom Braxton
    Year: 2007
    Length: 0:55:34
    Genre: Smooth Jazz
    Label: Pacific Coast Jazz

    01 Peg [4:59]
    02 Escape [4:06]
    03 Imagine This [4:44]
    04 Kaanapali Beach [5:07]
    05 Good to Go [4:49]
    06 Haven't You Heard? [4:09]
    07 Evening Drive [5:55]
    08 Downtime [4:34]
    09 1 a.m. [5:05]
    10 Rest Assured [6:45]
    11 Revelation Song [5:21]