Ukraine based saxophonist Andrey Chmut has already introduced himself to the smooth jazz community with his debut album Smoothability (2018). Only two years later he presents the successor Soulmate (2020) on the same label Skytown Records.

For his second project he falls back on the proven crew of scenic musicians as listed below. Andrey has written and arranged all tracks. The introducing Night Town features a modern dialog between Andrey and keyboardist Alex Logvinenko which perfectly assimilates in taste and presentation to the American smooth jazz style.

Listening to Dance with Me you get the impression of hearing Peter White in action. Indeed, Gennadii Bondar's brilliant playing on the acoustic guitar shows many parallels to the iconic guitar player.

With Funky Talk Andrey can show his virtuoso skills and give full steam ahead. After & After makes it clear that Andrey's style can certainly be compared to that of Marcus Anderson. Arranged with nuances, he serves sax harmonies on a layer of hip-hop beat.

Away from any fashionable wackiness, Andrey celebrates the beauty of a melody on Blessed Day. The up-tempo Wake Up serves explosive hipness. Paradox takes it to the next level with a rocking hip hop beat and a distinctly Ukrainian touch.

But Andrey can also take it very carefully. With Soulmate he gives the gentle vibrations a chance. The grippingly sweet If Only I Could Fly has the romantic hook which excels the tune to something special. At the end Andrey serves us with Beloved Routine exhilarating food that justifies enthusiasm.

Andrey Chmut's Soulmate is an extraordinary album, which can easily compete with the old masters of the genre. His music justifies great expectations.







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Album Information

Title: Soulmate
Artist: Andrey Smuth
Year: 2020
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Label: Skytown Records

1) Night Town (3:57)
2) Dance with Me (3:58)
3) Funky Talk (4:46)
4) After & After (4:02)
5) Blessed Day (3:48)
6) Wake Up (3:42)
7) Paradox (3:18)
8) Soulmate (4:14)
9) If Only I Could Fly (5:30)
10) Beloved Routine (4:24)

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The musicians:

Andrey Chmut - Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, Soprano Sax, EWI, Keyboards & Programming

Erica Slobodeniuk - Bass (1)

Alex Logvinenko - Keyboards (1)

Nik Nakonechniy - Guitar (1, 7, 8, 9, 10)

Gennadii Bondar - Guitar (2)

Riccardo Dalii Cardillo - Keyboards, Piano & Strings (3)

George Iweze - Bass (3, 7 & 9)

Tobi Medic Drums - Live Drums (3 & 8)

Matthew Monakov - Guitar (4)

Eric Moore - Live Drums (7)

Anyanya - Vocals (7)

Igor Agrich - Piano & Piano Solo (8)

Eugen Myrmyr - Bass (8)

Sergey Yuzvik - Live Drums (10)