Wistfulness creeps in when listening to Nick Colionne's Just Like That. Nick passed away unexpectedly on New Year's Day last year. Just Like That is his musical legacy.

Nick was supported by numerous musicians on his last album as there are: Michael Broening (keyboards, piano, drum programming), Mel Brown (bass), Freddie Fox (rhythm guitars), Lester Estelle Jr. (drums), Chris Big Dog Davis (keys, programming), Randy Scott (tenor and alto sax), and Marcia Miget (flute).

The album opens with the matching title song Just Like That. Legendary were Nick's live performances, where he created a fantastic atmosphere that made all spectators dance. This mood also carries over to this recording, which finally erupts into a crescendo full of virtuosity and joie de vivre.

With U Feel Me he combines everything good that the history of jazz guitar has to offer. Gripping rhythm, fast riffs and thrilling melody. What You Do To Me lets the romantic component of the relationship between two people flow into the album.

Often, life is full of intentions that you don't always keep. All I Want to Do takes on this theme. Randy Scott on saxophone brings his second instrumental voice into play alongside Nick's guitar. We don't know who Nick dedicated the song My Dearest to. I think it's his long-time pre-deceased companion and good spirit Carol Ray.

Kastle is a rare pre-name. The reference will disappear in the mist of the past. The song features Marcia Miget on flute. Watch Your Step is a warning, but it is not expressed musically. Chris Big Dog Davis provides perfect horn playing and everything that is not guitar.

Flutist Marcia Miget accompanies Nick again on Step To This. Nick knows ingeniously how to combine guitar and flute into a compelling song. Let's Take A Ride was written by Michael Broening and Nick. Michael's and Nick's best can be heard on their respective instruments. It's a sad thing that this collaboration came to such an abrupt end with Nick's passing.

It's My Turn was the title track on Nick's 1994 debut album. Nick revisits this song with a slightly another approach. And so the circle closes. Farewell Nick.

Just Like That is undoubtedly Nick's best album and it has everything you need for a top album.








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Album Information

Title: Just Like That
Artist: Nick Colionne
Year: 2023
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Label: Trippin 'n Rhythm

1) "Just Like That" (3:56)
2) "U Feel Me" (3:51)
3) "What You Do To Me" (4:57)
4) "All I Wanna Do" (4:24)
5) "My Dearest" (4:12)
6) "Kastle" (4:25)
7) "Watch Your Step" (4:45)
8) "Step To This" (3:52)
9) "Let's Take A Ride" (4:14)
10) "It's My Turn (revisited)" (4:45)


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