Since the release of Tia Fuller highly acclaimed Decisive Steps we know about the brilliant quality of Beyonce's all-female touring band. As Beyonce stated: ""When I was younger I wish I had more females who played instruments to look up to. I played piano for like a second but then I stopped. I just wanted to do something which would inspire other young females to get involved in music so I put together an all-woman band."

Among these great talents Kiku Collins shines on trumpet with a superb phrasing. Kiku also toured with Michael Bolton, Jessy J, Michael Lington, Jill Scott and many more.

Kiku Collins started her solo career with the album Here With Me (2007) and presents this year her sophomore project Red Light. On this album she is supported by Hendrik Helmer (guitar), Xavier Davis (keys), Malcolm Gold (bass), Alex Alexander (drums, percussion) and several musical guests.

Blue Patrol introduces into the project combining movie score and jazz elements to a monumental sound collage. Siren's Toy feat. Elizabeth! & Layla Angulo is Kiku's second tribute to brass oriented jazz.

On Tag Play Kiku Collins takes a glimpse to smooth jazz with a romantic and impressive atmospheric picture of blissfully moments. Xavier Davis on keyboards and Hendrik Helmer on acoustic guitar add their own paint strokes. With Come My Way Kiku counteracts with an edgier approach on muted trumpet.

While Kiku follows on Red Light a discreet melody, Xavier Davis shows his muscles on piano. How Lucky You Are was originally sung by Joni James. Kiku Collins breathes new life into this evergreen of the '50's. On Silence Thief Kiku expands her trumpet skills enthusing with her crystal clear sound.

With the slow-tempo Sea of Grapes Kiku Collins conjures up in collaboration with guitarist Hendrik Helmer a melancholic environment. In The Bag hooks with Xavier Davis' elegant Rhodes performance and Helmer's electric guitar loops. August Won initiates a folk song note to the final presenting vocalist Tani Trentlyon.

With her emotional approach Kiku Collins is true to her own style. Not fashionable but respectfully honest with an understandable confession to her jazz heritage.







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Album Information

Title: Red Light
Artist: Kiku Collins
Year: 2011
Length: 0:46:43
Genre: General Jazz
Label: Canopy Jazz


01 Blue Patrol [5:10]
02 Siren's Toy [5:17]
03 Tag Play [4:54]
04 Come My Way [3:11]
05 Red Light [5:31]
06 How Lucky You Are [4:49]
07 Silence Thief [6:39]
08 Sea of Grapes [5:04]
09 In The Bag [4:40]
10 August Won [1:27]