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Patrick Cooper is an in-demand keyboardist sharing the stage with many smooth jazz artists. At the Bermuda Jazz Festival, this awesome keyboardist was the musical director for the Smooth Jazz All-Stars including stars such as Nick Colionne and Regina Belle. He also wrote the title song on Marcus Johnson's Just Doing What I Do CD, the tune Make it Happen on Marcus Johnson's latest CD titled The Phoenix and the song Let It Happen on Jaared's Hangtime, which was originally conceived as an intro theme to the nationally syndicated, D.C. based talk show 8101.

Standing in the center of attention it's only natural, that Patrick now released his solo album That Day (2007). All songs were written by Patrick underlining his talent as writer and performer.

The opening track Leavin' is caressing everyone's ears. In the style of Bob Baldwin or Alex Bugnon this tune is very accessible. It was produced by Tony Hemming, who plays all instruments without the piano performed by Patrick. Tony already performed with Clint Brown, David Brion, Phillip Martin and Cheryl Ping Leonard mostly in the gospel genre.

The blessed saxophonist Phillip Martin is featured on the heartfelt ballade Can't Wait. His newly released Saxappeal Special Edition (2006) received high acclaims. Still in his early twenties he is already recognized as a great talent.

Pieces Of A Puzzle suggest to me something like Pieces Of A Dream? Like keyboardist James Lloyd Patrick tickles the keys with great finesse. By the way bass player David Dyson, who performs on several tracks of this album, is a regular bassist on many projects of POAD.

On the slow and contemplative Free Patrick performs an intimate duet with Phillip Martin. Piano and sax are the ideal combination for instrumental ballades. Robert "WaWa" LeGrand adds some shy guitar chords. Robert also performed with legend Teddy Pendergrass and vocal siren Miki Howard among others.

Yes presents vocal princess Jay Lashawn Williams. She has a remarkable voice with a high recognition value. Organized intro and piano phrases are welcomed additions.

What Must I Do is the second track by Tony Hemming, a love ballade featuring singer Nehemiah Booker. Blessed with a graceful voice he makes waves with his gentle and encouraging appearance. Between gospel and hip-hop extends his field of activity.

Fixit! showcases Phillip Martin from his best side. Solid sax grooves are melting with Patrick Cooper's brilliant piano performance. The R&B-flavoured That Day is presenting female singer Lemme, who earned her first merits with the debut album Take This Time (2005). But foremost this is Patrick's platform for his excellent piano play.

The music floats away with  Smooth featuring singer Joe Warfield and the last tones of Patrick's amazing piano.

Patrick Cooper's new album That Day is sophisticated entertainment at its best. Brighten up your day with Patrick's sultry music.




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  • Title: That Day
    Artist: Patrick Cooper
    Year: 2007
    Length: 0:40:43
    Genre: Smooth Jazz
    Label: DISM Music

    01 Leavin' [4:40]
    02 Can't Wait [4:42]
    03 Pieces Of A Puzzle [5:02]
    04 Free [4:07]
    05 Yes [4:42]
    06 What Must I Do? [5:32]
    07 Fixit! [3:15]
    08 That Day [4:12]
    09 Smooth [4:30]