D'Breeon - Fantasy


D'Breeon alias Bryant Michael Davis is playing the piano and saxophone since he was six years old, taught by his mother Parrea Wilson.  He played with Stanley Jordan at a concert in conjunction with Stanley Jordan's promotional tour. At the same time, he composed and performed with his band, the Dans. Soon after graduation, he moved to Los Angeles to work exclusively in the music field. D'Breeon's official debut album "DO IT" was released in 2000. That was the time I came in contact with him, while he was offering his songs for download at mp3.com.  Lately, you can also hear him as DJ on KWEST FM, the San Fernando Valley's Local Internet Radio Station at http://kwestfm.com. Or you can check him out on the 2005-2006 Moonlight Tour.

His second album "Fantasy" released in Summer 2005 is a double-album. Hot R&B on the first CD and Urban-influenced jazz on the second CD. A complete catalogue of the songs is listed below. The first CD called "Mysterious Lover" presents D'Breeon's qualities as R&B singer. All songs were composed, written, arranged, performed and produced by D'Breeon, a real self-made-man. He performs lead vocals, saxophones, keyboards and drums.  Drums means the hard-beats of drum-programming. On some songs he was supported by Ronnie Jackson(keyboards), Tingle (backgound vocals), Sandra Lynn Davis (alto sax) and Kenny McLoud (guitar).

To give you an imagination of the stuff I would compare the music of the first album with artists like Babyface ("Lovers, Tender Lover"), Mark V ("Too True"), Anthony & The Camp ("Suspense") or Tony! Toni! Toné! ("Who?"). Perhaps you will have recognized that my CDs are a little bit outdated but my personal taste changed from R&B to Adult Soul, the style of Marvin Gaye, George Benson, Maze, By All Means, Luther Vandross or Teddy Pendergrass.

Urban jazz fans may be interested in his second CD "Fantasy". The title song is a mellow slow tempo tune presenting D'Breoon's sax improvisations. On Not The First Time D'Breeon is experimenting with a variety of sax blows. The saxophone is definetely his lead instrument. Most songs of the second album are presenting these instruments in various arrangements.

D'Breeon provides samples of his new album at  http://www.bigsoundrecords.biz. Everyone is invited to have a listen.




Title: Mysterious Lover (CD 1)
Artist: D'Breeon
Year: 2005
Length: 0:50:46
Genre: R&B

01 Rainbow [4:26]
02 Birthday [3:46]
03 You Said [3:25]
04 Turn It Up [5:22]
05 My Kind Of Girl [3:48]
06 Everlasting [5:26]
07 Thank You [3:40]
08 Can A Dream [3:49]
09 U Remind Me [3:43]
10 Miss Understanding [3:34]
11 Do You Wanna [4:55]
12 Mysterious Lover [4:54]

Title: Fantasy (CD 2)
Artist: D'Breeon
Year: 2005
Length: 0:52:17
Genre: Smooth Jazz

01 Fantasy [4:21]
02 Not The First Time [8:00]
03 Baby Girl [3:46]
04 LA Scene [3:40]
05 Alphabet City [4:02]
06 D'niemb [4:33]
07 Bring It On [4:01]
08 Jnaa [3:56]
09 Jazz Dance [4:22]
10 Bounce [3:40]
11 Organic Sound Flower [4:11]
12 www.kwestfm.com [3:46]