Delilah - The Way


On Dave Sereny's album Take This Ride (2007) one can listen to Toronto-based songstress Delilah. Delilah came in contact with Dave by her brother Paul Lakatos, a guitar virtuoso, who is performing in Toronto's jazz clubs. Dave is currently featured in an interview on and one of the candidates for the Canadian Smooth Jazz Award 2008. Dave recorded his album together with keyboardist Lemoyne Alexander. Delilah teamed up with Dave and Lemoyne to create her debut album The Way (2008). Further musicians and producers of this album are Vikter Duplaix (EWF, Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu), and  Marcus Kane (Joey Boy, Snow, Marc Jordan).  Nate Watts (Stevie Wonder's bassist)  plays bass on Brand New Day. Dave Sereny has signed Delilah to his new record label Groove United. So we can expect a release of The Way probably this year.

Born in Budapest, Hungary, Delilah is a pure gypsy descent. “In my family, everybody loves to get together to sing and dance and play music,” she recalls. “At 6, I jumped up on the table and exactly imitated my favorite gypsy singer, Margit Bongo.”  After a racist attack Delilah and her family settled to Canada, where she now enriches the scene of national jazz clubs. “Now I feel very blessed to be living here, getting to do this music with these great producers. It is like a ‘brand new day’ for me,” comments Delilah.

The Way is a mix of Electro, Pop, Club and R'n B. The title song is a lively groove with a stomping Disco beat. The atmospheric Night Is Falling has some nice keyboards effects. Delilah's vocals is perfect and leveled with reverbs and overdubs. This song can be successful in the Techno scene.

More my cup of tea are ballades like Avale la Roma showcasing guitarist Dave Sereny in best condition. The intro sounds tasty, the lead melody has a hypnotic turn around. Insecurity is an electronic-filled Pop song. More captivates the R&B tune Brand New Day. An uplifting song with a clabbing beat.

Love Me Baby shines with strong hip hop beats and keyboards refinement. Tell Me is a heartfelt love ballade putting Delilah in the right limelight. Furthermore impressed me The Way You Love Me with a substantial melody. Jelem is an energetic song with a Brazilian touch in the style of Escola de Samba.

Delilah's debut album The Way has some interesting faces and directions which stands out this optimistic album from other musical acts of this year.





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  • Title: The Way
    Artist: Delilah
    Year: 2008
    Length: 56:56
    Genre: Club, R'B
    Label: Groove United

    Track: 01 The Way [3:17]
    Track: 02 Night Is Falling [4:55]
    Track: 03 Avale la Roma [5:19]
    Track: 04 Insecurity [3:50]
    Track: 05 Brand New Day [3:24]
    Track: 06 Love Me Baby [4:40]
    Track: 07 Tell Me [4:43]
    Track: 08 Sweeter Life [3:56]
    Track: 09 The Way You Make Me Feel [4:02]
    Track: 10 My Sunshine [4:36]
    Track: 11 Unbelievable [4:09]
    Track: 12 Hello [3:20]
    Track: 13 The Way You Love Me [3:13]
    Track: 14 Jelem [3:35]