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One can call Chris Min Doky an international musician. Born in Denmark as the son of a Danish pop singer and a Vietnamese guitarist he got his talent on a natural way. In 1989 at age 18 he moved to New York, where he soon had the opportunity to start his career as bassist and to record his debut album Appreciation followed by The Sequel (1990) and Letters (1991) on Storyville Records. His specialty was mixing jazz and rock. Signed by Blue Note Records he released Doky Brothers (1995), Doky Brothers 2 (1996), with his elder brother, the jazz pianist Niels Lan Doky, and Minh (1998).

Chris comments about Minh: "I wanted to do something totally different than what I had been doing with Doky Brothers. I was ready to do something more funky, more edgy, less polite. I wanted to record an album that told the story of who, and where, I was at the time. What better way to do that, than invite all your friends an have a party?" Guest musicians on Minh are the Brecker Brothers, David Sanborn, Mike Stern, Lenny White and many more celebrities.

Minh offers a great variety of styles from jazz to Pop and R&B. Fusion jazz on I Told You So and Waiting On You is searching the musical borders of all musicians. You find delighting songs like Every Breath You Take and Lean On Me interpreted by Lalah Hathaway. In spite of the fact that merging of fusion jazz and R&B on the same album is a risky endeavor Chris finds the right balance between the genres. This album was released in 1998, a time when smooth jazz in USA had its first ascendancy.

In 2000 Minh's next album Listen Up! followed. Chris comments: "Do I have fun memories of the band! The entire time following my previous album (Minh) was basically spend on the road, playing with more or less the band on this album. Although still jazz and mostly acoustic, we were definitely becoming more of a funk band. I had so much fun with that acoustic jazz funk thing, that I wanted to capture where we had come to as band. Three days in the studio became this album ..."

On this album Chris is accompanied by his band George Whitty, Larry Goldings (keyboards), Louis Winsberg, Adam Rogers (guitars), and Clarence Penn (drums). Guest musicians are John Scofield, Kenny Garrett, Makoto Ozone and others. The album contain nine compositions by Chris and three superb renditions. With the funky The Dapper King Chris shows his brilliant talent as composer and performer. 1999/Cantaloupe Island, a medley of Prince's 1999 and Hancock's Cantaloupe Island is perfectly performed. A great thumbs up! to Katreese Barnes, who gives this tune a timeless noblesse.

Bonnie Raitt released in 1991 her album Luck of the Draw. From this album Chris performs a rendition of All At Once, a very contemplative arrangement with a big note on his acoustic bass. In 1975 the Brecker Brothers joined together to create their first common album Brecker Brothers. The title Rocks from this album is now interpreted by Chris on bass and Randy Brecker performs the trumpet again. Eternally is an awesome love ballade sung by Katreese Barnes. She has worked with Dean Brown, Mike Phillips, Deodato, Juicy, Chaka Khan and many more. Really impressing the melancholic Sacro Monte, catching the dynamic Doky Folky or the exotic Asiacanese with the explosive mixture of acoustic bass and tablas.

The year 2002 was a turn around with his album Cinematique. He was accompanied by Joey Calderazzo (piano), Jeff “Tain” Watts (drums), Larry Goldings (piano), Bill Stewart (drums), Makoto Ozone (piano), Toots Thielemans (harmonica), and Clarence Penn (drums).

Chris comments: "After playing with my acoustic funk band for several year, I missed playing in a more open and loose situation. I wanted to take a break from the funk band. When I joined Michael Brecker's band in 2001, it was not only a huge pleasure playing with these guys, but it also made me realize how much I missed playing straight-ahead. I started doing gigs with the trio again and it was clear from jump that my next album (this one) was going to be a jazz trio album. We began recording this album, the day after getting off the road with Joey and Tain. It was so much fun hanging out with my old friends and it was so easy. Almost all takes are first takes..."

Chris offers on Cinematique special brilliant interpretations of film melodies like James Bond and Nothing To Loose. Mesmerizing and captivating is Toots, Joey and Chris intimate revival of Goldfinger. Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence originally composed by Ryuichi Sakamoto is a further highlight of this album. Cinematique is an album especially for all lovers of acoustic bass.

Minh, Listen Up! and Cinematique mark an important period in the career of Chris Minh Doky of musical prosperity. These albums are now available at CDBaby for download.




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  • Title: Minh
    Artist: Chris Minh Doky
    Year: 1998
    Length: 0:54:49
    Genre: General Jazz
    Label: Blue Note Records

    01 I Told You So [3:31]
    02 Every Breath You Take [4:12]
    03 Welcome [0:14]
    04 Waiting On You (jungle vibe) [2:52]
    05 Sleepless Dream [5:09]
    06 Chhaya [0:07]
    07 Lean On Me [5:41]
    08 I Just Wanna Stop [4:58]
    09 A New Day [4:55]
    10 Ken & Mai [0:11]
    11 It Once Was [5:42]
    12 Mardi Chez Lionel [3:47]
    13 Messages [0:30]
    14 Home Sweet Home [5:45]
    15 New York City [0:21]
    16 Don't Get Funny With My Money [5:09]
    17 Bass Solitude [1:45]

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  • Title: Listen Up!
    Artist: Chris Minh Doky
    Year: 2000
    Length: 0:55:19
    Genre: General Jazz
    Label: Virgin Records

    01 The Dapper King [4:53]
    02 1999/Cantaloupe Island [4:02]
    03 All At Once [4:59]
    04 Rocks [5:28]
    05 Eternally [4:17]
    06 Was [5:37]
    07 Sacro Monte [6:54]
    08 Doky Folky [3:25]
    09 Rain [4:14]
    10 Asiacanese [5:33]
    11 Mornings [3:49]
    12 Reincarnated [2:09]

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  • Title: Cinematique
    Artist: Chris Minh Doky
    Year: 2002
    Length: 0:58:59
    Genre: General Jazz
    Label: Blue Note Records

    01 James Bond [6:45]
    02 Goldfinger [4:47]
    03 Nothing To Lose [6:11]
    04 Tossed Salad & Scrambled Eggs [4:31]
    05 Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence [7:39]
    06 My Favorite Things [6:15]
    07 Sleepless Dream [6:19]
    08 Rue Hautefeuille [5:03]
    09 Godfather [6:05]
    10 One Day I'll Fly Away [5:25]

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