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When it comes to trumpet and flugelhorn some will remember Chuck Mangione's "Feels So Good" or Rick Braun's "Notorious". Michael Fair calls himself a leader in the smooth jazz genre, specializing in flugelhorn and trumpet playing. After his debut album "Love Me Like That" (2002) and his second album "How Close Are We" (2003) "Back For More" (2006) is his third collaboration with writer/producer Brandon Barnes who plays keyboards, bass, string, guitar and drum programming on all songs. Brandon Barnes is especially known by his work with Brian McKnight. Brandon is a guarantor for musical quality. 

The album starts with Viaje Elegante. The Spanish title is conjuring up some Latin flavors in the kind of Herb Alpert's Tijuana Brass sound.

It's On You combines elements of smooth jazz with R&B. Melanie Barnes' vocal refrain is take-off point for Michael's flugelhorn-escapades.

A more slower approach is What's Her Name. A tune for a romantic hour.

Play It Like You Mean It has certainly more fire and agility.

When I Think Of You changes the tempo between slow and uptempo. Slow for a contemplative mood and quick for the wake-up call.

Love Goes On is a radio-friendly tune with appealing hooks. Certainly the tune with the highest potential for a commercial success published in a single version. Michael Fair's more measured playing is infected by Brandon Barnes R&B rhythm.

Havana Funk showcases Michael Fair's view of Funk in an uptempo version.

You Gotta Know is a smooth ballade featuring Brandon's sultry vocals and Michael Fair celestial flugelhorn. R&B in the style of Babyface with a jazzy overtone. 

The title tune is a swinging tune with a repeating melody. I like especially Brandon's short keyboard solo and the overdub arrangement.

Lost Again begins with familiar kalimba sound, known by EWF. The kalimba is a thumb-piano in the West, a lamellaphone of Eastern Central and South West Africa. The tune smoothes out into Michael Fair's flugelhorn recital.

Think about your mood when you leave a beloved person. Michael Fair expresses that sorrowful feelings in A Sad Goodbye

The mood brightens up again with the midtempo Ta Keeh Ah. Michael Fair interpretation is flowing like a river.

Waltz for Le Le is unique. A smooth jazz musician is playing a Waltz. The song was originally performed at Nashville weddings.

"There is nothing more difficult, more challenging, more frightening or more exciting for me than creating my own music and putting it out there for others to listen to and hopefully to enjoy or in some way be moved by. I am so thankful for the opportunity to do so!" says Michael Fair. Now he has released his child and it has to grow up in our hearts. His album is tenderhearted, emotional, full of feeling and subtle. Michael Fair is not striving for our recognition. You have to react to understand his music.





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  • Title: Back For More
    Artist: Michael Fair
    Year: 2006
    Length: 1:05:00
    Genre: Smooth Jazz

    01 Viaje Elegante [4:56]
    02 It's On You [4:14]
    03 What's Her Name? [4:57]
    04 Play It Like You Mean It [4:33]
    05 When I Think Of You [5:29]
    06 Love Goes On [4:51]
    07 Havana Funk [4:29]
    08 You Gotta Know [4:52]
    09 Back For More [4:32]
    10 Lost Again [6:21]
    11 A Sad Goodbye [6:05]
    12 Ta Kee Ah [5:10]
    13 Waltz For Le Le [4:31]