Russian bassist Alex Faldin started his career with the debut album A Peaceful Place (2018), followed by Through Practice  in 2019 and Orange Shine (2021). Colors Of Nature is his fourth album.

Faldin performs on his new album a variation of basses such as 4-string bass, piccolo bass, acoustic bass and 5-string bass. In addition, as a multi-instrumentalist, he also plays keyboards and programming. He has written, arranged, mixed, mastered and produced all songs. He is also responsible for design and artwork of the album.

The album opens with Dark Horizon, a piece that celebrates bass virtuosity in all its excellence while still offering an engaging melody. When summer says goodbye and autumn brings the cold, you rejoice in the warmth of every ray of sunshine. Feel The Sunlight captures the mood of this moment.

Home Again brings a romantic atmosphere that makes you forget the sense of time. Faldin seems to be a pronounced devotee of Pat Metheny's music. 1993 takes many unmistakable borrowings from his style. Special Breeze catches the spirit of being on vacation, relaxing on the beach, enjoying your drink and taking your time.

Funky Curves demonstrates Faldin's playful ability expressed in twists, turns and playsome antics on various instruments. The title Linsology is a fantasy word that nicely describes the graceful melody lines that this song highlights. The song features amazing flutist Nastya Maslova perfectly dueting with Alex on bass.

Time Never Stops is a life wisdom that is gaining importance, especially in today's world. Alex Faldin takes positive moments from this as can easily be seen from the beauty of his melody. Waiting For Summer begins with a distinct sweetness that carries over into Alex's bass playing. Everything that sounds like guitar is, as Alex notes, played over his bass.

Final track of the album is the title song. The picturesque of this album is underlined once again with Colors Of Nature.

If you are looking for music to dream and relax, Alex Faldin's new album Colors Of Nature is the first choice.






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Album Information

Title: Colors Of Nature
Artist: Alex Faldin
Year: 2023
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Label: Faldin Bassman Music

01 - Dark Horizon
02 - Feel The Sunlight
03 - Home Again
04 - 1993
05 - Special Breeze
06 - Funky Curves
07 - Linsology
08 - Time Never Stops
09 - Waiting For Summer
10 - Colors Of Nature