Gary Farr  - Fresh Brew


Pianist and composer Gary Farr started recording in 1995. His debut album "Lost" was released 1999 and has left its footprints in TV, radio and the internet around the world. Originally a native of South Florida his band members joined his activity in Florida. In 1998 he founded the label Secret Formula Records.  Gary moved the recording studio & main office to Los Angeles, California to work on film/TV scores. 

The newest result is his album "Fresh Brew" (2004), an album with tunes from 1995 - 2004. With 71:19 minutes one receive a lot of music. Gary comments his new album: "A unique collection of different inter-changing rhythms from funk, rock, hip hop to reggae interweaved with heavy jazz overtones. Great grooves and wonderful musicianship with a unique blend of musical instruments and voices."

The starting tune Fresh Brew contains exactly this fresh mix of  brass (Billy Ross - tenor and soprano sax, Doug Michels  - trumpets) and keyboards as promised. Funky cjazz -  served not too hot.

Jazz In The House is a complete change of style to house music combined with fusion. Mitch Farber's guitar, John Kricker's trombone and Gary's keyboards solo are pushing highlights of this quite unusual piece.

But smooth jazz friends are also finding their island on this album. A Little Sun Shower is a pleasing tour through Gary's keyboards park.

Test the delicious Tuscany Wine from the Toscana and listen to Jeanne Tarrant on flute.

Synth-voices are introducing into You Love Me featuring Ron Fattorusso on tenor sax. A slow love song with much emotion. Personally I would prefer natural human vocals to synth-voices.

Space Run is more synth-generated music (synth-bass, synth-voices, synth-everything).

Lead instrument on Gray Eyes is in the first part a synthesizer, in the second part an electric piano creates an interesting jazzy impact.

Norasian Climate is a further synthesizer-étude, a bit of Jean Michel Jarre, a bit of Jan Hammer, a bit of Vangelis.

Talking about Vangelis: Gary's World has this epic touch of a film score of a classic Egyptian historical movie.

Watered Down is a mid-tempo synth tune featuring anew Ron Fattorusso on tenor sax. This tune is very experimental.

A Light Spring Rain is more radio-like than its precursors. A harmonic dreamy tune with warm flute tones and an epic overhead. 

Deep Blue Waters, New AGEnt, Up & Up are further pieces of Gary's synthesizer -"witch kitchen".

On the search after hooking pieces I found Lullaby For Nora. A very substantial score music with a lovely mood. 

Last tune is Pour It On as secret bonus track, an uptempo rock tune with much energy.

Gary Farr's album "Fresh Brew" is a wild mixture of everything. Rock, C-jazz and electronica are the main ingredients for this hot cup of coffee.