The Canadian formation Four80East have a very special style, which they call electro-jazz themselves. Their music is catchy and ultra danceable. They have been very successful with this for many years, not only as a studio project but also as a live act in combination with other musicians.

The duo has just released their new album Gonna Be Alright, which seamlessly follows their previous projects. The duo Rob DeBoer (keys, bass, guitar, programming) and Tony Grace (percussion, programming) form the basis. Guest musicians are Jon Stewart (sax), Mike McArthur (sax), Adrian Crutchfield (sax) and the horn section consisting of Gene Hardy (sax), Bryden Baird (trumpet) and Christian Overton (trombone).

The album opens with the dynamic Sea To Sky, the longest tune of the whole album. Rhythmic accents sparkle around bass and keys. In between, Jon Stewart takes over the melody on saxophone. Despite its length, the piece never loses its powerful groove.

Pre-released as a single, This Time Around features a vintage organ as the defining element. After an introductory guitar, a perfect piano solo follows at its peak alternated by a delicate synth. The title track turns out to be a thoroughbred dance floor hit.

Rusty Rudder surprises with steel drums as the leading instrument, which give the piece a certain Caribbean flair. Back Channels delivers a compact melody that is enhanced by plenty of rhythm.

Negative about a rotten apple is the fact that it often infects healthy apples with its rot. It is completely different with Bad Apple, here a great funky piece develops from a small melody. Autumn brings us back the contemplative. A melody that does justice to the season featuring Adrian Crutchfield on emotional sax.

Come On Home is one of those songs that puts you in a good mood with its positive vibes. At The Post presents a fulminant pulsating sound that forces you into a movement to give in to the inescapable beat. All Nighter seems to be dedicated to those partygoers who can never get enough. The music reminds me of the lounge music of groups like De-Phazz or Jaffa. The album closes with a radio-edited version of This Time Around.

Rarely is a title as fitting as Four80East's album Gonna Be Alright. Another treat for all fans of this duo.






Album Information

Title: Gonna Be Alright
Artist: Four80East
Year: 2023
Length: 0:48:47
Genre: Acid Jazz
Label: Boomtang Records

1) "Sea To Sky" (6:31)
2) "This Time Around" (4:24)
3) "Gonna Be Alright" (4:58)
4) "Rusty Rudder" (4:19)
5) "Back Channels" (4:35)
6) "Bad Apples" (4:50)
7) "Autumn" (5:06)
8) "Come On Home" (4:30)
9) "At The Post" (5:34)
10) "All Nighter" (3:57)
11) "This Time Around" (4:24)

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