Tom Fox - Midnight Rain


The first time I heard Tom Fox songs at, I did immediately know this singer/songwriter has an unique voice with an incredible potential. Reading his guest book affirms my opinion: this singer is amazing and deserves more attention. So this review is a real request and message. 

Tom has published many self-written songs at, before his album "Midnight Rain" was finally completed in October 2002 at the Royal Pop Suite Switzerland ( and featuring collaborations with UK funk guitarist Martin Williams, U.S musician Gary Fuston, production team Gardner/Whitmore and the producer Signorino TJ, who also accompanied Tom on many instruments! While his songs at were raw material like a rough diamond, we can observe now the process of refinement. Tom's biography is short, he obviously started at, where he had promoted by advertising by mouth more than 1 million downloads since 2000.

Tom's strength is writing and singing awesome ballads. If you like such a kind of music, his album "Midnight Rain" will be a first choice.

His first song The Player is telling the story of a man searching after social contacts, this type of man we call a Casanova. Information, education, consideration, conversation, collaboration. Tom plays with nouns and Martin Williams with his guitar. The sexual attractiveness of his voice and music is a perfect impression of this described figure.

Which song is more hooking than
Maren Lane? I fell in love with this song and after the first listen it was burned into my brain. Unforgettable. Maren Lane is the story about a 21 years old birthday girl. Smiling like a breeze of desert fire.

Tonight (I'm Taking Over You) is an uptempo dance floor tune with a head bopping/finger sniping character. A love song of the modern youth, the rhythm of the hips beat.

Lady Lady is another love ballade about a woman, who gives love like a horse gets sugar and about her lover getting fooled. Very sophisticated and ironical.

The rhythm and structure of Replay reminds me a little at Fleetwood Mac's "Tusk". Tom's observation about a maniac TV watcher is thought-provoking.

Gary Fuston wrote the music of Austin Nights and plays drums and guitars. The lyrics of all songs are by Tom Fox. Tom has a great talent to describe and express the feelings of a disappointed soul. The name of the city Austin/Texas is more accidental. This story can take place all over the world.

Tom's knowledge about the web is mirrored in Cyberlove. Incredible is Tom's modern poetry: 56k worth of pain, virtual turtledove, in this world wide spiderweb, you better not get caught

On Through The Passing Of The Years Tom combines his smelling voice with Martin Williams hiphop beat and Signorino TJ's bass, synth and piano to a (self-)reflecting ballade about the social environment.

Lay a groove in the underground?  Undersound is Tom's answer. A funky, dynamic and uptempo groove with much dangerous addiction tendency.

Tell Me is a repetitive request for love. The begging for togetherness.

An awesome finish is In The End. A song with all attractions we love listening to Tom's music. Martin William's romantic guitar  and Tom's languishing vocals combined in an intriguing ballade.

In my humble opinion Tom's album "Midnight Rain" is a musicalized masterwork of modern contemporary poetry.

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