Lloyd Gregory - Free Fallin'


  "I only give the band the basic structure of the piece, just enough of a roadmap to get started, because I want them to each be creative themselves.  We take the seed, water it and allow it to grow.  We nurture the music with love. Hopefully each listener feels what went into the music and can take some of that away with them." Lloyd Gregory, a popular musician on the San Francisco/Bay Area and studio-player in Los Angeles, has enough experience and professionalism to create a perfect album from scratch. 

The best method to explain his music is to compare his music with those artists he is influenced by. Those musicians are early soul innovators like Curtis Mayfield, many of the guitarists in the various Motown artist's bands, and Ike Turner. But he is also inspired by rock'n'rollers from Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley through Hendrix to Eddie Van Halen.  And on the other end of the spectrum acoustic players who bridged between jazz, Latin and classical like Django Reinhardt, Bola Sete, Andres Segovia and Manitas de Plata are his idols too. 

So you can await an instrumental album with the guitar (acoustic guitar and electric guitar) in the center of an awesome project. The title of the starting track is simply called The New Song. The melody line is impressible and in the final part of the song are some jazz structures recognizable.

Jazz 4 Jasmine has a nice Bossa Nova feeling. Lloyd's affinity to Django Reinhardt 's music is obvious.

On Kermudgen Lloyd's mastership finds a first summit. This uptempo tune reveals brilliant guitar licks. Excellent R. Glenn on flute.

The first cover is taken from the classic song I Loves You Porgy. Porgy & Bess the first U.S. folk opera, with music by George Gershwin and lyrics co-written by Ira Gershwin and Heyward is a real fountain for hundreds of musicians. Lloyd plays the theme with much heartfelt and sensitivity.

Free Fallin' isn't written for parachutists but for radio listeners. 

Song4Kim is surprising with an increasing tempo and a drum solo at the end.

Steve's House is featuring R."Itchie" Aguon and M. LeDuc on vocals. A fresh song like a summer wind in California.

Round Midnight is a tune, originally recorded by Thelonious Monk on his album "Genius of Modern Music, Vol. 1" on October 15th and 24th, and November 21st of 1947. This song is nowadays a standard and carefully replayed by Lloyd.

On Snow Bear Lloyd concentrates on his guitar play. From time to time, when he decorates his playing leaving the pure melody line, one can better notice his skills. 

Peanut is the second tune on which Lloyd collaborates with the programmer Felton Pilate. Felton was a former member of the group "Con Funk Shun" together with Michael Cooper and also acted as musical director with Mc Hammer. His solo album "Nothing But Love Spoken Here" in 2002 is hard to find.

Inside of the album you find a photo showing Lloyd standing at the shore of Lake Merritt. The song mirrors the beauty of this place of nature in Oakland, California. Thanks to the intervention of Dr. Merritt, then mayor of Oakland, the area was declared a National wildlife refuge in 1869, the first in North America.

The instrumental ballade Maya with a mellow structure ends this album which is dedicated as a companion for "luxurious relaxation".



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