Nate Harasim - Love's Taken Over


In my review of Nate Harasim's debut album Next In Line (2007) I wrote, "Nate Harasim is a young musician full of hope and we place our hope in him." Today my hope is replaced by certainty, the certainty Nate will make his way. Shortly after the release of his debut album, David Chackler  (NuGroove Music) heard the record and signed Nate on June 1st 2007. Love's Taken Over (2008) is Nate's first album on the anew founded label.

Darren Rahn, Jay Soto, Mel Brown, Frank Selman, and De’Nate’ vocalist Deborah Connors are the fellow musicians joining Nate's new start in a splendid future.

With a fulminate horn arrangement starts nuGroove leading up to Nate's elegant piano play. A very accessible and captivating tune. Just from the start the best impression. Darren Rahn convinces with his brilliant sax performance.

The vibrant Love's Taken Over features Jason Rahn on trumpet and flugelhorn. Mel Brown delivers a propelling bass. Nate's piano play flows like a river and when Jay Soto adds his guitar solo, the door to paradise is open and wide.

Can't Get Enough bases on the popular shuffle beat brought to perfectionism by Jay and Nate. The tempo slows down to the romantic ballade Dance With Me still shuffling around.

On Taken It Slow Nate creates magic layered with a string set. Nate Harasim is a brilliant composer with a great sense for captivating melodies. All tunes have a length around three minutes. Snug and warm the songs are immediately reaching their aim.

Nate Harasim has composed all tunes on this album with the exception of Hello. Lionel Ritchie wrote this tune for his album Cant' Slow Down (1983) which produced incredible five top ten hits. Perfectly tailored for smooth jazz radio stations this rendition will certainly find its lovers.

That Nate's contemporary compositions can stand comparison with such a world hit, is proven by Feel The Love. Deborah Connors seductive vocals are the icing on the cake of Nate's up-tempo piano forte. On What's Happenin' Nate anew indicates his prowess to compose great melodies. Near the end of the song one can recognize Nate's brilliant approach to a great piano solo. Unfortunately the solo soon fades out. We want more!

The absolutely sublime Love Of My Life shows more of Nate's piano skills. However with the support of label mates like Jay Soto on Give It Up the tunes get more vitality. The album ends with an instrumental version of Feel The Love.

Love's Taken Over is a testimony for Nate Harasim's great talent. Nate's signature sound is accessible, seductive and finest smooth jazz. What can we await when Nate will add some edges to his elegant sound?





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  • Title: Love's Taken Over
    Artist: Nate Harasim
    Year: 2008
    Length: 0:35:59
    Genre: Smooth Jazz
    Label: NuGroove Music


    01 nuGroove [3:14]
    02 Love's Taken Over  [3:11]
    03 Can't Get Enough  [3:15]
    04 Dance With Me [3:04]
    05 Taken It Slow [3:46]
    06 Hello  [3:53]
    07 Feel The Love  [3:05]
    08 What's Happenin' [3:17]
    09 Love Of My Life [3:07]
    10 Give It Up  [3:07]
    11 Feel The Love ( Instr ) [3:00]