HenschkeSchlott - Cafe Thiossane

HenschkeSchlott is a project of the jazz musicians Volker Schlott and Reinmar Henschke. They are performing together since 1999 and "Cafe Thiossane" is the debut album of this collaboration. Volker Schlott is playing saxophone and flute, Reinmar Henschke piano and keyboards. Both are also experts in electronic music. It's not easy classifying their music into a special genre. They are performing a mixture of new age, lounge, electronica and smooth jazz. 

Warm Night in Victoria Park starts like a new age tune with a strange electronic soundscape but soon one recognizes a rhythm structure which gets more and more contour. Embedded in between this tune Volker Schlott's develops his jazz improvisation on a grooving beat.

On Part I Volker Schlott showcases his creativity on saxophone. Somehow his play is fading and foggy. Don't compare him with sax player like Eric Marienthal, Richard Elliot, Kim Waters or Warren Hill. You will miss the energy. He plays the sax subdued. The instrument isn't the center but only used as a stepping-stone. Creating atmosphere is more important than impressing the audience by prowess.

Beginning with a classical piano motive soon a strong beat is dominating Island. The piano is now playing contrapuntal and additively to this beat. Schlott is painting own colors with his alto sax while the gloomy beat is peppered with some handclapping and darkened with a bass.

French Pool is a reminiscence to a French café perhaps in Paris. A time of relaxing during a billiard play. It's reminds at a movie score of a film noire during the time of Humphrey Bogart.

Good Thing is a mellow slowtempo duet of piano and sax. 

More groove is to find on Wah Wah Waltz. Based on a simple rhythm Schlott and Henschke are creating an intriguing and accessible melody.

Part II can be divided in a more atmospheric and a more grooving section. Personally I prefer the second more jazzy part.

The interlude Ca Va Bien is a picturesque crescendo to the following tune.

The title tune Cafe Thiossane has some influences of world music. Karimba, African flair and a grooving computer programmed rhythm combined with the ease of a flute are rising your mood.

The title Mamba Verte is a further contemplative interlude.

Brazilian music is very popular in the German chill out scene. So Schlott and Henschke are presenting their version of a Samba K2. Schlott's flute is a mixture of snake-charming and dancefloor beat. Very attractive Henschke's piano improvisation with some salsa intrusion.

Good Thing II, is the vocal version of the above mentioned tune featuring jazz singer Pascal von Wroblewsky. 

"If You feel exhausted after finishing your daily musical work, don't go pushing yourself further. Better to rest than to work without fun and delight." This device of Robert Schumann is cited by Schlott and Henschke and influencing the album. Their moody attitude is relaxing and unobtrusive.



01. Warm night in Victoria Park (Henschke) 06:10
02. Part 1 (Schlott) 05:41
03. Island (Henschke) 05:30
04. French Pool (Schlott) 04:34
05. Good Thing (Patty Larkin) 04:34
06. Wah Wah Waltz (Schlott) 04:49
07. Part II (Schlott) 05:00
08. Ca va bien (Henschke) 00:54
09. Cafe Thiossane (Henschke/Schlott) 06:43
10. Mamba Verte (Henschke) 01:09
11. Samba K2 (Henschke/Schlott) 04:30
12. Good Thing II (Patty Larkin) 03:40