Dave Hill  - Two Seasons


Frank Gambale: 

"Dave Hill is one the best "unknown" guitar players out the today. Check him out!"

Dave Hill 's music is an example for the undisputed fact that qualitative music is hard to get. As a German it would be probably impossible to contact such a musician. He is performing as guitarist on albums of artists like Theo Bishop ("Newport Nights") or David Lanz ("Finding Paradise") and touring with Gregg Karukas or Scott Wilkie in the Californian area. But net-sleuths like the Jazz Nation help us to trace this music. So I can present you Dave's debut album "Two Seasons". The album was recorded from March of 2001 to August of 2003. You can await long tracks, the shortest one is 6:39, the longest 9:21 minutes. A good sign for improvisational solos. No radio cut at all.

On the starting track Remembering You Dave Hill introduces into the melody with his guitar opening room for Gregg Karukas sophisticated piano play. Dave's guitar play is unobtrusive and not showy so one has to listen carefully to understand all his skillful licks.

Two Seasons is featuring Gregg Karukas on electric and acoustic piano. Most of you will know this great artists only by his albums which are very popular. But most of the tunes of his albums are short and radio-like. His improvisational talent shines brightly on this tune. Thanks to Dave we can listen to the live part of Gregg's musical face. But there are also extensive solos of Dave and Andy Suzuki on tenor sax. May I compare Dave with Pat Metheny?

If You Don't Care Anymore has some slight Blues elements sparkling through Dave's jazzy jamming. Andy's sax play has a smooth touch with some jazzy outbreaks walking on the border between smooth and contemporary jazz.

Ernest Tibbs' fretless bass on Mayso reminds me at Jaco's play. I love this warm expressive sound. Bill Fulton's piano wizardry let me prick my ears.

On Working On Your Thing Dave lets his guitar swing and Billy Fulton's vibes add on every tone the final accent.

Dave showcases his sultry side on When We're Together. How intimate can a guitar sound?

If you are searching a hooking melody you find it on Pack A Lunch. But Dave is too much a lover of improvisation to let the melody grab you. So accompany him and his group on the journey to the world of jazz. Gregg I hear you too!

Adam Cohen's composition Teite opens the door to Samba. Todd Wolfe on drums and Billy Hulting on percussion create a perfect Latin Atmosphere while Dave Hill, Bill Fulton (keyboards) and Rick Rossi (sax) let the music glow.

Do we know now why Dave Hill is one of the best "unknown" guitar players? It's "All About Jazz".