Willie Hill  - Natural Evolution


Hill is a native of Duram where he opened after a period as musician his own recording studio. He has since engineered for Lois Dawson, Norman Conners and other artists. He regularly releases solo projects which are available at CDBaby (Deep Inside Of Me, 1996; Another Place In Time, 1997; My Destination, 1998; Some Love & Peace, 1999; Open Door, 2002; A Restful Day, 2004. His newest album is titled Natural Evolution (2006). The title gives the impression of a musical process in Hill's career. First of all Hill is a multi-instrumentalist. The album was recorded by Willie Hill (acoustic guitar, bass, keyboards, drum programming) and Tony Springs (keyboards, drum programming). The pros and cons of a two-man-album are to find in the music. So what can we await?

The first track Reaching For Me starts with a mellow piano melody underlined by strings and acoustic guitar. In the style of Jim Brickman Hill lays down his arrangement in the world of New Age. The instruments are performed with sensitivity.

The uptempo New Life combines piano, keyboards and a rhythm line to a sultry soundscape. There is no hectic or rebellious excitement.

Dancing Feet is based on a rhythm loop attached by a guitar riff similar to a loop. Some hypnotic vibration is urging the audience to dance floor.

A Brighter Day is assembled around a rim shot-based rhythm, acoustic guitar, piano and a big dose of strings.

Each Day is a continuation of the previous tune added with a refrain by singer Tiny Cagle. A calm tune rather uneventful.

This is changing with Hold On featuring Tiny Cagle who also penned this song for Hill's album. Tiny Cagle has a clear and impressing voice with a strong articulation. I also like the chorus arrangement. Surprising good!

Forever is featuring singer Tony Springs in a romantic ballade. Tony Springs has already performed on several of Willie Hill's solo projects. Always a noteworthy contribution.

I Dream has some good instrumental intonations. Perhaps Hill should engage for his next project a jazz drummer to level up the tension.

What I Feel is flowing around like a sound collage. This is on the borderline to New Age.

Living Without You is without no doubt an awesome song. I also like Tony Springs' interpretation. The guitar implantation is just perfect. But less strings would be helpful to let the song shine.

Just Because has the same inner tranquility like most of the tracks. A piano excursion based on a guitar riff.

Strolling Around awakes the wish in me that Willie lets his guitar play. Most of the time is the piano the lead instrument and the strings are playing a too important role. Willie Hill has a great talent and his performance is flawless.

Natural Evolution is music for the recreation of a hectic world. If you have the time to have a rest, drink your favorite drink and have some cool small talk this is the right music for you.







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  • Title: Natural Evolution
    Artist: Willie Hill
    Year: 2006
    Length: 0:58:15
    Genre: Smooth Jazz
    Label: Joy Records

    01 Reaching For Me [5:33]
    02 A New Life [3:50]
    03 Dancing Feet [4:29]
    04 A Brighter Day [4:15]
    05 Each Day [4:28]
    06 Hold On [4:21]
    07 Forever [5:34]
    08 I Dream [5:23]
    09 What I Feel [5:17]
    10 Living Without You [5:23]
    11 Just Because [5:16]
    12 Strolling Along [4:25]