New Jersey based trumpet and flugel horn player Gordon James can be compared with Rick Braun, Chris Botti or Greg Adams. To get an overview of his albums is not difficult, because there are not many. His debut album Candlelight In Love (1995) was followed by After Hours (2004), In Joy (2007) and A New Kind Of Love (2011).

After a long period of time, his album Smooth Sunshine (2022) has now been released. The album can be found on popular streaming platforms and features singer Carol Selik. All of the compositions are penned by Gordon.

Gordon catches us right away with his title track, which kicks off the album. Smooth Summer reveals itself as an exceptional representative of its genre. Cafe Soul cultivates the interplay between muted trumpet and flugelhorn.

Warm Bodies exercises particular nonchalance, showcasing the lascivious voice of vocalist Caroline Selik. The beautiful Free Flow is undoubtedly inspired by Groover Washingtons' and Bill Withers' The Two Of Us.

Somehow the impression is given that Gordon's music has happened in time, because Brazilian Vibes could easily come from an album by Herb Alpert from his Tijuana Brass days. On A Summer Day presents Gordon James as a veritable singer. Day and Night has nothing in common with Cole Porter's grandiose evergreen, but also comes from Gordon's lilting pen.

Thus Gordon James delights us with numerous other songs that go beyond the CD format but are by no means unusual in streaming times.

Gordon James' album Smooth Sunshine is tailor-made for friends of music who are not completely devoted to smooth jazz but also mourn the old times.








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Album Information

Title: Smooth Sunshine
Artist: Gordon James
Year: 2022
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Label: Gordon James Music


1) Smooth Sunshine (4:00)
2) Cafe Soul (4:38)
3) Warm Bodies (3:49)
4) Free Flow (4:23)
5) Brazilian Vibes (4:16)
6) On a Summer Day (4:21)
7)  Day and Night (4:20)
8)  Love for All Seasons (4:51)
9)  Empress Rule (3:48)
10)  Rainy Afternoon (3:40)
11)  Everybody Loves to Complain (5:10)
12)  Samba Majestuosa (4:38)