James Michael Joseph

Sleight Of Hand

To find unknown artists needs some efforts. So it may help to use the search-engines to get a survey of the Smooth Jazz genre. Exactly this was the way, how I found the group James Michael Joseph. "Smooth Jazz for the new millenium" apostrophize these artists. Curious as I am, I soon received their album. I hope they will soon take the opportunity to place some soundfiles at their website. Otherwise you would miss a well performed album.

Ozzie Ahlers, the well known keyboard virtuoso, many will remember his album "Fingerpainting", guarantees for high quality. He has produced this album. Radio personality Dale "Dusty" Brooks (host Classic Trax) quoted this album as being without a doubt, "My desert island CD".

After so many praises let's give the album "Sleight Of Hand" an ear. The first track Sleight Of Hand is a traditional guitar tune comparable to the sound of Craig Chaquico or Ken Navarro.

J.J. Cayle's After Midnight, better know in a cover version of Eric Clapton, is presented in a new fresh version, best powered by Steve Steinberg on tenor sax.

Mango bay is a travel to Caribian islands. Steve's smooth sax leads to a dreamy soundscape.

Euphoria is anew a tune with guitars as central instruments. Greg Miner's alto sax delivers a perfect overdubb.

A contemplative slow tune with nice keyboard strings and Fred Alvaro's alto sax are introducing to an intense guitar solo, a perfect  background for a cruising tour. 

Pan flute keyboard sound signales Free Spirit is an excursion into world music. Thunder is rolling and rain falls, organ sound waves around an Indian sing-sung. 

Overlaid with gold is the piano performing in the romantic tune Going Home.

More fine classical guitar music is presented in Bitter Suite

Back to Smooth Jazz on Airborne with some latin rhythms and miscellaneous keyboard sounds. Greg Miner's alto sax tops again the track.

It Is A Secret is the final slow-tempo tune with Fred Alvaro's alto sax melody, smooth strings and a sensitive piano in the attitude of a bar jazz tune. 

"Sleight Of Hand" is an album for listeners, who love Smooth Jazz in the conventional sense.





The musicians:

James Michael Joseph is:

  • Joseph Sliger - Lead, Rhythm Guitar

  • James "Bill" Morrissey - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals

  • Michael "Steve" Christian - Bass, 5 String, 5 String Fretless

  • Mark Draffen - Percussion,  Vocals

  • Leo Warda - Drums, Percussion, Vocals

Further artists:

  • Ozzie Ahlers - Keyboards

  • Bill Heller - Percussion, Programming

  • Jonathan Alfred - Keyboard, Harp

  • Fred Alvarado - Alto Sax

  • Jim Becker - Bass, Keyboards, Percussion, Programming

  • Manuel Chapa - Keyboards, Bells

  • Bill Cook - Keyboards

  • Tracy Girard - String Bass

  • Scott LaChapell - Keyboards, Programming

  • Greg Miner - Alto Sax

  • Steve Steinberg - Tenor Sax

  • Stephen P. Smith - Drums





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