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German-born guitarist Chris Korblein started his career in USA with his debut album "Pacific Serenade" (1998), a smooth and romantic album. His second album "When You're Not Here" with guest-star June Kuramoto of the Grammy nominated band Hiroshima and singer Robert Tepper (2002) found a great feedback.

Now Chris teamed again with producer Derek Nakamato for his third album "Love Notes" (2006). The album contains 12 new songs, from which Chris has written 11 songs partly with Derek Nakamoto who plays piano on most of the tracks. Compared to his previous releases Chris' style is matured on this new album. 

Usually 4 A.M. is a time nobody wants to wake up. Chris sweetens the wake-up-call with a sensitive bluesy melody. Echoed by Derek Nakamato on piano his guitar play is full of emotions. I would compare his style with Mark Knopfler, the sound of the guitar is very similar to Mark's Pensa-Suhr MK1.

Chris ' guitar play has the noblesse of a professional experienced guitarist. He really profits by Derek Nakamato as shown on Summerland. Chris comments: "I love his work with Gerald Albright and Keiko Matsui and he has such a genuine excitement for my vision and my ideas that it truly was a great fit. Derek also helped me fine-tune my live show as a musical director."

Boys' Night Out is a good example to talk about the music genre in which Chris Korblein wants to be recognized. With Ray Parker jr. on rhythm and lead guitar, Steve Cole on sax and Alex Al on bass he has chosen excellent representatives of smooth jazz. Chris states: “It has always been a challenge for me and many other contemporary instrumental artists to define the style of music we’re playing,”. “In some markets they call it Jazz, in some markets ‘world music’ and in some markets it’s ‘Smooth Jazz’. The truth is, it’s none of the above or all of the above. As long they call it something that makes other people want to listen, I’m perfectly fine with these definitions. Otherwise I would simply invite you to take a listen and hear for yourself”. Boys' Night Out is also the first single of the album.

Chris explains: "I have been writing songs with and without words since these early days. And – honestly - I think that I always had a good sense about what is good enough to be recorded and what is better off to be shelved or tossed. So I never did record these early musings and it’s probably better that way." Chris, that's the way I like it. If you ever doubt in breadth and diversity of Chris' writer's talent, For A Lover lets mute every skeptic. What an awesome melody, it could become a classic! 

Night Vision is of the same caliber. I like the carefulness with which Chris chooses every tone of his melody.

Since You're No Longer Mine is the only vocal song featuring Lori Jenaire. It is her voice we hear as the featured vocalist on Stanley Clark's soundtrack for the movie “Funny Valentines” starring Alfred Woodard and Loretta Divine.

Chris has a special affinity for slow ballades as Dreamless. By the way Chris uses real strings for his album: Charlie Bisharat (violin), Darrin McCann (viola) and Larry Corbet (cello). This song is a mixture of Pop and classic elements and arrangements.

I Can’t Make You Love Me is a cover of composer Michael Reid, already interpreted by George Michael, Freddie Cole, Will Downing, Patti LaBelle and more popular singers. If you don't believe that a guitar can sing sweeter, listen.

One can feel the love with which the ballades are arranged. Stay is no exception. Although rather short the song isn't loaded with fillers. And when the B3 is humming in the background the mood is stunning.

Catalina is famous by its annual jazz festival which features top smooth jazz artists over three weekends in October. A sentimental homage to this legendary venue.

With Homebound Chris creates a further romantic ballade. Obviously Chris loves the smooth interpretation  of guitar play which is a comfortable way to realize his acoustic dreams.

Lullaby is finishing a melodious and emotional album, Chris accompanies on guitar Derek Nakamato's sensitive piano interpretation.

Chris Korblein's new album "Love Notes" is full of creative tenderness. For those understanding guitar music as a sensual message this album is a must.





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  • Title: Love Notes
    Artist: Chris Korblein
    Year: 2006
    Length: 0:52:45
    Genre: Smooth Jazz
    Label: New Music International

    01 4 A.M. [4:20]
    02 Summerland [3:37]
    03 Boys' Night Out [3:54]
    04 For A Lover [4:20]
    05 Night Vision [5:10]
    06 Since You're No Longer Mine [4:28]
    07 Dreamless [4:59]
    08 I Can't Make You Love Me [4:53]
    09 Stay [3:49]
    10 Catalina [5:03]
    11 Homebound [4:10]
    12 Lullaby [4:02]