Guitarist Lemek is the son of smooth jazz saxophonist Quintin Gerard W. This introduced him to the genre at a young age, as well as to his father's jazz and R&B roots. His name, pronounced Leh’- Mek, traces back to the Biblical Lamech, the eighth generation descendant of Adam through Seth.

He gained his first chops by performing in the band Israel and in the backing band for contemporary gospel singer Isabel Davis. Emergence is his debut album and was released in September, 2023 on Trippin 'n' Rhythm Records.

The album was recorded over a period of two years. Besides Lemek, Chris "Big Dog" Davis (piano and guitar synth, horn arrangement), Michael Broening (keyboards, piano & drum programming), Ryan La Valette (tenor sax, drum programming, bass, keyboards, piano, synth, strings), Adam Hawley and Coleb Middleton (keys, key bass), Eric Valentine (drums), Mel Brown (bass), Quintin Gerard W. (sax), Freddie Fox (rhythm guitar), Lesber Esbelle Jr. (drums), and Nicholas Cole (drum programming, synth bass, keyboards, piano synth) were involved.

The album opens with Co-Motion, a dynamic tune just out of the kitchen of Chris "Big Dog" Davis. High-octane funk at it's best. This tune already found its way to the radio-stations in 2022. Parkway 106 is Pittsburgh's only locally-owned country radio station  to which Lemek dedicated this song.

I can well imagine that Lemek devoted Burt's Mood to the music of Burt Bacharach. The composer, who died this year, was one of the greatest songwriters of his time. Groove Central is the new single featuring Ryan La Valette on sax, a stomping high addictive rager.

Apex means nothing other than the top. Lemek gives the song its special character by choosing the bass as lead instrument. The Intro of Let's Get Down follows the spirit of the Philly Sound and brings back memories of times gone by. Adam Hawley knows how to create the best platform for our guitarist.

Joint Connection emphasizes the excellent cooperation between Lemek and his music producers, in this specific case Michael Broening. Do You Love Me is the existential question that is often asked in a relationship. Lemek leads it down a musical path.

Something geographical must not be missing, so we go Through The Valley. Lemek picks up the acoustic guitar and invites his father Quintin Gerard W. to accompany him on the saxophone for this romantic ballad. Lifestyles, yes Lemek uses the plural for this title, comes with a hip infectious melody with a certain persuasiveness.

The final Without You bears the signature of Nicholas Cole, who, comparable to Lemek, is an emerging force on this record company.

Emergence is a successful introduction of this up-and-coming guitarist, whose name should definitely be remembered.






Album Information

Title: Emergence
Artist: Lemek
Year: 2023
Length: 0:50:59
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Label: Trippin 'n' Rhythm Records

1) "Co-Motion" (4:08)
2) "Parkway 106" (3:50)
3) "Burt's Mood" (4:17)
4) "Groove Central " (5:16)
5) "Apex" (4:49)
6) "Let's Get Down" (4:05)
7) "Joint Connection" (4:37)
8) "Do You Love Me" (5:13)
9) "Through The Valley " (5:20)
10) "Lifestyles" (4:14)
11) "Without You" (5:05)