You have certainly listen to the music of keyboardist Vel Lewis.  TV shows such as The Sopranos, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Mad About You, and Wife Swap USA feature his compositions. In earlier time a member of the group The Futures he also followed his own path as performer with Earth, Wind, & Fire, Parliament/Funkadelic, Al Green, Isaac Hayes, David Ruffin and Eddie Kendricks.

His new EP Colors of Soul (2014) is available at CDBaby, presenting the music of this great composer. Vel is joined on the album by percussionist Lenny Castro and guitarist Kevin Chokan. The album was mixed by Greg Manning.

The title song impresses with a captivating melody transported by vintage synth to our astounded ears. The melody is consistently in an appealing flow and the guitar delivers a rhythm in the style of Maze. On Song For My Love Vel reaches out to the Hammond B3 kicking the harmonies as the instrument requires it.

First of all I am a great fan of percussion and I love to hear Lenny at work. He provides a rhythm on Lovin' You So, on which Vel can shine brilliantly. With Chuva Vel strikes another interesting sound that goes more in the direction of an EWI. Maybe So finally brings the Hammond back in play with some variation on vibraphone.

Vel Lewis serves it hot with Colors of Soul. This EP awakens the appetite for more. Vel has certainly a number of other irons in the fire, we can expect in near future.






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Album Information

Title: Colors Of Soul
Artist: Vel Lewis
Year: 2014
Length: 0:20:04
Genre: General Jazz


01 Colors Of Soul [3:37]
02 Song For My Love [3:41]
03 Lovin' You So [3:10]
04 Chuva [5:22]
05 Maybe So [4:13]