Songwriter and multi-instumentalist Jeff Logan started his musical career with the official album Black Tie Affair in 2011. Previous recording projects include Soulitude (2002), Mello-Fabulous (2003), Radio-Active (2005) and Gratitude (2007) as well as two 2009 releases: a gospel offering, Destiny, and a collection of neo-soul songs, Love’s Compass.

Now he is pushing the power button with his new album Indigo (2024). The energy is delivered by Paul Brown  (electric guitar and nylon guitar, percussion), Shane Theriot (bass, drums, guitar, keyboards), Roberto Vally (bass),  Gorden Campbell (drums), Greg Vail (sax), and Ron King (horns). Jeff Logan is performing piano, keyboards, flute synthesizer.  All songs are written by Jeff Logan, co-writers (Paul Brown (two songs and collaborator on the other eight songs), and Shane Theriot (two songs). The album was produced by Paul Brown.

Let's start with the sweetness of Lemonade. Jeff presents himself in his usual casual manner on the piano and is harmoniously supported by the horns of Ron King and Greg Vail. The relaxed attitude continues with Chill Factor, where gentle guitar music pushes itself to the fore.

Latin fever grips Tears of Hope and gives the song an energetic edge, which periodically turns into gentle contemplation. Let It Go repeats a motif in epic breadth in order to vary it instrumentally and, in particular, to alternate it with the brass.

Bread and Wine are two staple elements in many cultures and cuisines around the world. Both play an important role in religious rituals and are also beloved staples that bring people together. Add Jeff's music to it as third element.

Love songs are a constant factor in many artists' repertoires. Jeff is not stingy on this subject either. I Love You and Fall in Love are his mantra. The moderate sentiment also continues with If Only.

Before the album gets too shallow, Jeff provides a counterbalance with the uplifting Indigo. Paul Brown's energetic guitar riffs also ensure this. The album concludes with A Soul's River, in which Jeff's almost charismatic balance finds its creative expression.

Jeff Logan's album Indigo mirrors charisma and stability in his musical personality. His songs are inspiring and captivating listeners keeping a sense of authenticity, humility, and integrity. That way he gives the audience time for self-reflection and open feedback.







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Album Information

Title: Indigo
Artist: Jeff Logan
Year: 2024
Length: 0:38:22
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Label: Fire & Ice Network


1) "Lemonade" (4:01)
2) "Chill Factor" (3:28)
3) "Tears of Hope" (4:21)
4) "Let It Go" (3:31)
5) "Bread and Wine" (3:54)
6) "I Love You" (4:06)
7) "Fall in Love" (3:28)
8) "If Only" (4:05)
9) "Indigo" (3:26)
10) "A Soul's River" (3:58)

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