Matt Marshak  - Groovosphere


"These little town blues, are melting away
I'll make a brand new start of it - in old New York.
If I can make it there, Ill make it anywhere.
It's up to you - New York, New York."

Long Island, New York native, Matt Marshak knew at an early age guitar and music would be his life and passion. Richard Rabatin introduced him to the sounds of Larry Carlton, Robben Ford, Cornell Dupree, and George Benson. Matt's pavestones are "Preservation" (2001), "This Time Around" (2004)  and now his new album "Groovosphere" (2006). Besides his music Matt's secret of success is networking. Matt is frequently touring to build his audience. He is interesting radio stations like Ted Hasiuks Jazz Cafe in Canada, England's Echo Smooth Jazz and Jeff Charney's KC show. He  joined other networks like Kemistre. He founded the Nuance Music Group. He is really doing his homework.

Featured on his new project are Billy Heller (Rippingtons), Chris Kent (Larry Carlton), Ron Jenkins (Chuck Loeb), David Mann and Barry Danielian (Tower of Power), Tim Regusis, Mike Ricchuiti (Patti Austin), Mario Cruz (Jaco Pastorius), De'adre Aziza, Dean Kraus (Taylor Dane), Chris Marshak, Kenny Harris (Toby Lightman), Jeff Feinstein, Robert Meeks.

Starting the album with New York Ave. Matt Marshak's impetus to impress the audience with musical power is obvious. The loudness is high and there is a great bunch of instruments impacting me like the allpowerfull. The stomping melody with a great hook says it clearly, we gonna have a hit.

I really like the intro of Montauk Moon. The melody is accessible and sultry. The drum and bass programming could be a bit more sophisticated and variable. The art of  David Mann's sax and Matt Marshak's guitar nevertheless conciliate the critics.

On Always Matt sets the signal to funky and this is a refreshing appeal. De'adre Aziza is scatting accompanied by Mario Cruz on sax and Matt's guitar. De'adre Aziza earned already some merits at the Classical Theatre of Harlem. Certainly not her last role as a guest star on a cjazz album. 

Summerfunk is the first single of the album. Nice guitar riffs with tricky wah guitar inclusion. David Mann (sax) and Barry Danielian (trumpet) are serving the first-class horn section.

Show Me is capturing your attention with the pick-up-the pieces-effect.

Wind Chill Factor is that tune Matt promised with the album title Groovosphere: Spherical chill-out with nice guitar-riffs.

The song Did You Know is dedicated to Matt's wife Dionne. Matt's tender voice and his smooth guitar is caressing listener's ears.

Across The Pond is Matt's self-made-production with a hypnotic and repeating melody.

Could It Be You is another funky horn. De'adre Aziza is breathing her micro, while Jeff Feinstein's wurlitzer is ruting. A real burner.

Summertime has the same soul-inspired vibration like Could It Be You. A great part of this impression is due to Mario Cruz' awesome horn arrangement.

Big Skye Dream is Matt's imagination of a wide open landscape incorporated with his guitar and a lot of reverb.

Moon Man is nothing to dream of but to dance with. A pulsing beat comparable with DTTB's style.

La Tabla is a dedication to the Indian percussion instrument. Of course a rhythm oriented tune. 

Honestly is a bluesy solo guitar tune which could be performed in a smoky tavern.

Matt Marshak's Groovosphere opens a new dimension for the audience: Matt's personal interpretation of guitar music. Larry Carlton's inspiration has fallen on fertile soil.





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  • Title: Groovosphere
    Artist: Matt Marshak
    Year: 2005
    Length: 0:60:01
    Genre: General Jazz
    Label: Nuance Music Group

    01 New York Ave [4:35]
    02 Montauk Moon [3:34]
    03 Always [5:08]
    04 Summerfunk [4:44]
    05 Show Me [4:10]
    06 Wind Chill Factor [3:43]
    07 Did You Know [4:41]
    08 Across The Pond [4:38]
    09 Could It Be You [4:07]
    10 Summertime [4:12]
    11 Big Skye Dream [4:29]
    12 Mood Man [4:36]
    13 La Tabla [3:51]
    14 Honestly [3:33]