The Neurons - Dance

From time to time I find music which is unusual, unique and original. Not a copy of anything, a pathfinder and pioneer. Music that realizes new ideas, instruments or styles. I am talking about groups like Yulara, Praful or 3rd Force. The Neurons are the musicians Paul Adams and Dave Hoffman.  Dave is a freelance musician in Illinois and since 1991 has been the trumpet and Flugelhorn soloist with The Ray Charles Orchestra. Paul Adams  became interested in building ethnic and exotic musical instruments as a student of Ethnomusicology under Dr. Joel Maring at Southern Illinois University. With this knowledge he is not only be able to build fantastic instruments but also to create new music. 

"As a painter may not wish to paint in oils for an entire career, David and I enjoy covering the canvas within many musical idioms. New Age, Meditative, World, Ambient, Acoustic, Folk, Jazz, can all have elements of beauty." "Dance" is the realization of this idea of two unusual musicians and individuals.

Wild Men Of Borneo is an extremely energetic tune with a flowing rhythm, sound samples of tribal chants, Dave Hoffman's solos on trumpet and muted trumpet, pushing flute and a dark bass all mixed up to what I would call the ultimate dance hit. To experience the whole soundscape of this song I urgently recommend to listen with a headset.

Do you like Spanish flavor with some electronic gimmicks? Than jump into Luminosity. The lead melody is performed with an acoustic guitar in the style of Peter White garnished with keyboard and trumpet sound soon meandering into a bizarre electronic guitar sound.

Friends of Peter White and Marc Antoine will like Spanish Horizon. A classical smooth jazz tune with that typical acoustic guitar sound. The tune is ennobled by Dave's trumpet solo and enriched by overdubbed electric guitar sound accompanied by Paul's humming.

On Sahara Caravan Paul opens his rhythm and sound treasury. Flutes, sitars, drums, didgeridoos, bells all woven to an eclectic oriental tapestry creamed with Dave's muted trumpet.

Dance (Fire And Friends) has a significant Rock attitude. Electronic music in the style of Tangerine Dream is supporting the lead melody. The flute is in an native American Indian style, smooth and hard guitar riffs are interfering. With great respect I am listening to Dave's trumpet solo. 

Shuffle And Suspense is a nice example of Paul's elegant combination of sound samples, Indian bells, flutes, trumpet and more in a Shuffle style.

Miles Redcloud based on African rhythm, mixed with Indian flute and sing culture to an irresistible magical song, has a certain similarity to 3rd Force's music.

Diamonds And Pearls are prestigious goods. This song stands in the tradition of groups like 10CC and Wax. The melody is captivating and hooky. 

What would happen when Paul Hardcastle would meet Yulara, Herb Alpert, Pink Floyd and Ryuichi Sakamoto? Funky Tao Duty is a creative answer. Unbelievable how easily Paul mixed hundreds of styles into one song. And I recognize the vanishing rhythm to the end of the song as a cite of Timmy Thomas' "Why Can We Live Together"? Very sophisticated.

A Pixelated Irish Groove melts Medieval folk melodies with African drum culture, monk choirs (Greetings to Michael Cretu's Enigma) and Electronic sound.

On Island Girl flamenco guitar sound meets African drum beat, Bali temple bells, Dave's jazzy trumpet input and female vocals in a strange language.

This album is still a secret tip. Spread the word. This album is satisfying brain and ears.



  • Players:

    Paul Adams

    Dave Hoffman


Title: Dance
Artist: The Neurons
Year: 2004
Length: 0:60:40
Genre: General Electronic, Smooth Jazz


01 Wild Men Of Borneo [4:54]
02 Luminosity [5:57]
03 Spanish Horizon [4:46]
04 Sahara Caravan [5:36]
05 Dance (Fire And Friends) [6:18]
06 Shuffle And Suspense [4:49]
07 Miles Redcloud [5:55]
08 Diamonds And Pearls [4:46]
09 Funky Tao Duty [6:17]
10 A Pixelated Irish Groove [4:56]
11 Island Girl [6:25]