Zig Noda & Brian Tracy Evans - In This Moment


The flute is one of the under presented instruments in smooth jazz music broadcasted by the radio stations in America. Following the motto "Sax sells" the preference is for tenor or soprano saxophone. Nowadays we have a lot of professional flutists in this genre. I want to recall some great names:  Alexander Zonjic, Morris Code, Dwayne Kerr, Lou Marini, Stacey Knights, Dave Camp, Paul Rozmus, Lorraine Rousseau, Nestor Torres, Steve Flowers, Darren Motamedy, Tim Weisberg, Maurico Smith, Stephen Berliner, Annie Hilsberg (Yulara), Bobbi Humphrey, Michael Paulo, Ali Ryerson, Hubert Laws, Dave McMurray, Jason Weber, Katisse Buckingham, McCoy Mrubata, Kevin Figes, Cathy Segal Garcia, Joseph VincelliGreg Vail and a lot more. Some of them are playing saxophone and flute like Dave McMurray, who had some remarkable gigs with Bob James (Nautilus, Angela). 

Today I present you the jazz flutist Zig Noda. He has just released his debut album "In This Moment" with Brian Tracy Evans (piano, synths, programming). Peter Su (President of CIM Radio Smooth Jazz) comments: "The flute is probably the most soul moving instrument of all. Zoda is to the flute as Kenny G is to the saxophone. The album "In This Moment" is pure smooth jazz and it is the smoothest execution of the flute... Each track is soulful and moves you like no other. Some tracks move me more than others but on a scale from 1 - 10, I'd give this a 9 because it is just that good."

The album starts with Think About It. A melody which reminds me at a pop song. Zig Noda is playing his flute fluently and elastically. His access to his flute is strong and masterful. Brian Tracy Evans ' coplay is perfect. 

Do You Know has a more earthbound rhythm in the intro part which pushes the melody a little into the New Age area. Nevertheless the melody has its hooking moments.

Childs Play showcases the top notch performance and arrangement of these exceptional musicians.

The modern contemporary approach of this album is underlined by Kickin It. Anew we can listen to a perfect combination of keyboards and flute.

Cody's Room is a smooth slow contemplative tune for some dreamy moods. Preparing for the next piece.

The title song In This Moment is smart dialogue between flute and piano with much harmonic and depth. Now I understand Peter Su's comparison to Kenny G.

I'll Be Back Tomorrow follows this slow trace with more soulful performance.

Miracles let you spend more time for reflections.

Soulmate has a full package of this romantic moments.

Final piece is an extended mix of the Think About It.

This album is a masterpiece. I encourage both musicians to fight against all odds and to never give up. Their love to music should persist the problems of music market. We want hear more.

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